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  Unit update
[Image: unit-update_zpsvnjeisvb.png]

Unit Update:
Arma3Sync repository is now available details will be posted on the forums, also the Teamspeak 3 is now live IP and password can be also found on the forums. All existing members will be receiving service numbers and other appropriate information. We are aiming to be live by the end of this weekend as there is still some admin work to be done.

  Phase 1 Passout's
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This is a test for phase 1 passout

  Unit update: Re-Structure
[Image: unit-update_zpsvnjeisvb.png]

This is a test for general unit update

  A3 Sync Update: Modpack
[Image: modpack_zps63k9jj8t.png]
Test Modpack update

  Unit update: Promotions & Assignments
[Image: promotions-and-assignments_zpspo2nqu1j.png]

This is a test promotions post

Upcoming Events
Phase 1 - Troop 253

Phase 1 - Troop 254

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4th Infantry Brigade - British Arma 3 MilSim
Guard Room
Unknown from
Looking for a Recruiter!
Interview Waiting Room
Public Server
TaskForceRadio - Public Server
Briefing Room - Public Server
Sergeants' Mess
NCOs' Mess
General Mess
Briefing Room
I need technical help!
2nd Batt, Yorkshire Regiment
Alma Company
Company Commanders Office
Company Staff Office
Lt. M. Singer
Company Sergeant Major Office
1 Platoon
Platoon Commander's Office
Platoon Sergeant's Office
1 Section
2 Section
Cpl. D. Larsen
Pte. A. Luu
3 Section
2 Platoon
Platoon Commander's Office
Platoon Sergeant's Office
1 Section
2 Section
Pte. D. Gemmell
Pte. M. Mercian
3 Section
3 Platoon
Platoon Commander's Office
Platoon Sergeant's Office
1 Section - Fire Support Group
Cpl. D. Brown
2 Section
4th Batt, Yorkshire Regiment
4th Battalion, The Yorkshire Regiment
Brigade Support Assets
2 Signals Regiment
Sig. M. Wilson
3 Medical Regiment
11 Explosive Ordance Disposal
G3 - Zeus Team
Joint Helicopter Command
Commander JHC Office
Joint Force Air Component HQ
Flight Sergeant Major's Office
Air Operations Room
Mess and Tea Room
AAC, 1 Regiment, No. 652 Squadron
AAC, 3 Regiment, No. 653 Squadron
RAF, No. 18 Squadron
JHC Training and Reserves
RAF, No. 22 (Training) Group
Instructors Office
RAF, No. 28 (AC) Squadron OCU
Staff Offices
G1 - Personnel and Manpower
Staff Office
Staff Room
Interview Room 1
Interview Room 2
G2 - Military Intelligence
Staff Office
Staff Room
G3 - Operations
Staff Office
Staff Room
G4 - Logistics
Staff Room
G5 - Strategic Plans and Policy
Waiting Room
Staff Office
Meeting Room
G6 - Communications and Computers
Staff Office
Staff Room
G7 - Training
Staff Office
Staff Room
Classroom 1
Classroom 2
Staff Office
Staff Room
Gaming Room 1
Gaming Room 2
Gaming Room 3
Gaming Room 4
Gaming Room 5
Gaming Room 6
Recording/Streaming Booth
Music Room
Capt. W. Jamison
A/Sgt. Z. Elkholm
JPte. C. Wood

The 4th Infantry Brigade is the biggest British unit to Arma 3. Our infantry represent 2nd Battalion, The Yorkshire Regiment. A Light Role infantry which is one of the British Armys adaptable battalions. We are equipped with Foxhound Protected Patrol Vehicles allowing us to travel quickly across any terrain, closing with and engaging the enemy.