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Dobbys Gallery of Socks - S. Dobson - 15-07-2016

[Image: 20160715174848_1.jpg]
[Image: 20160715174726_1.jpg]
When Life gets to you, go to editor and pretend you are doing CTR.

[Image: 20160507203600_1.jpg]

The Old Days!

[Image: 20160528221618_1.jpg]

Civis having a rant.

[Image: 20160529222336_1.jpg]

Swoop back in the day. (Vietnam)

[Image: 20160702220633_1.jpg]

 [Image: 20160702215739_1.jpg]

[Image: 20160705204402_1.jpg]

Learning Movement P1

[Image: 20160705224110_1.jpg]

Observation Stand P1

[Image: 20160705222546_1.jpg]

Final Exercise P1