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End of Operation TROJAN and Awards.

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To : All 4th Infantry Brigade Personnel
From: Capt. A. Yates & Maj. M. Singer

Subject: End of Operation TROJAN
Issued: 28th September 2019

4th Infantry Brigade would like to congratulate the following members:

Operation TROJAN MVP
@Pte. L. Viper

Queen's Gallantry Medal
@Plt Off. D. Smudge

Quote:“being knocked unconscious and then recovering the aircraft with a tank round through the tail on his first op after qualifying as a pilot."   

Pilot of a Chinook helicopter being called in on a MERT call with 2x Alpha casualties. This was his first operational night as a qualified pilot and was one to remember. During the approach into the HLS  Plt Off. D. Smudge took a small arms round to his head knocking him unconscious. After around 20 seconds unresponsive he woke back up and narrowly rescued the bird from imminent death only metres off the ground. On the egress the Chinook helicopter took a tank shell to the hull of the aircraft severely damaging the controls and maneuverability of the bird. Thankfully the pilot managed to recover the wounded bird and bringing it back to safety at the airfield. His actions saved the whole 5 man crew of the Chinook and the bird its self all whilst bleeding from his head.

@Sgt. O. Dryden

Quote:Reason : During an urgent gun run on the airfield to destroy 1x BMP an AA threat and around 20+ enemy infantry we were engaged by 4x IGLA missiles. Sgt. O. Dryden avoided 3 of the missiles however we had one that struck us and took out the engine, tail rotor, instruments, serious damage to the hull and a fuel leak he managed to recover and break off. With this he pulled of an emergency landing in a field saving myself and in the attack run we eliminated all of the previous targets. Without this then the bird would of easily been shot down killing both of us. This also allowed the infantry to fully begin the attack on the airfield and allowed JHC to land at much closer HLS's.

@A/LCpl. D. Cansell

Quote:Cansell was in 1-3 as a Pte at the time this occurred

1-3 were on patrol when 2x Sections started engaging the section. These contacts were almost dealt with when 1-3 were flanked by another enemy section and a BTR, killing Sampson the IC. Mikk steps up with the new 3IC Cansell stepping up also. Mikk goes down (T1) leaving new 3IC to step up and deal with the contact and command the rest of the section. While talking to platoon HQ on LR Cansell was ordered to break contact pulling his casualties back. Once stabilized and reorged the section reassess the situation under Cansells control fighting through the remaining contact and finding Mikk T1. 1-3 then stabilized him and pulled him back to be extracted by 3MED. Cansell has now stepped up into the 2IC position and is doing a great job.

@Pte. D. Hansen

Quote:“While deployed in the defence of Devil's castle Hansen was separated from his own section due to the intense shelling being received. Despite his injuries Hansen manned a lone bunker on the western wall with his GPMG and a pile of spare ammo. He held the line against the oncoming enemy pausing only to reload. His injuries getting worse with every shell and wave of attackers that broke upon the wall. He was the last man on the wall after 2-1 had a MassCas and fell himself only when he ran out of ammunition and an enemy soldier got close enough to post a grenade into the bunker.” Without his assistance 2-1 would not have been able to hold the Western wall as long as it did, having lost our GPMG gunners earlier that evening.

Good Conduct Medal
@Pte. J. Neale

Quote:Since joining the 4IB Neale has thrown himself into everything he can, giving a lot of time to both to the J offices and to the section. He has completed multiple graphics projects for the unit including recreating all of the Qualifications badges, creating new banners for J7 course posts, editing the final copy of the paper, as well as taking over as our head social media admin. He has also joined J1 as a recruit admin, and has been assisting J7 in phase one courses when he can until there is a DIT course for him to qualify as a full instructor. On top of this in the section over the last three months he has became a fully qualified Pte. only missing his signals qual (no courses have ran). He has stepped up to 3IC on a permanent basis and has taken over as 2IC for several weeks while Nielson was on Holiday. Always giving his all and in such a short space of time has done a lot for the unit.

@Pte. A. Call

Quote:Citation: Member has regularly supported the section in attendance, knowledge and determination. Pte. A. Call has consistently been a positive influence onto the section and has acted as 2IC over repeat periods with little break whilst being new to role, making a massive impact on the success of the section’s mission. He is a credit to 2 Platoon and is deserving of recognition for clear good conduct and attendance as required for the Good Conduct medal.

@Pte. T. Rolfe

Quote:Citation: Member has completed his first full deployment with 2 Section and has repeatedly supported the section in undertaking roles with no complaint and to a high degree of competency. Pte. T. Rolfe has rapidly become one of the section’s senior privates, becoming a role model in and out of operations. His keen attitude, knowledge and drive has been an important influence within the section and is a credit to 2 Platoon. He has attended all but 4 of the unit’s official events since joining on 12JUN19 and I believe he is deserving of recognition for clear good conduct and attendance as required for the Good Conduct medal.

Commendation for Valuable Service
@Cpl. M. Boon

Quote:Former OC assisting with the general run of the unit, fixed J1 and really puts the unit first.

Queen's Volunteer Medal
@2Lt. J. Vils

Quote:Learned how to reverse engineer systems, ripped the mod pack apart and assisted Capt. A. Yates in locating the server crash issue.


Pte. E. Davies to LCpl. E. Davies in 216 RLC
Pte. E. Alexander to A/LCpl. E. Alexander in 216 RLC
Pte. T. Ward to A/LCpl. T. Ward in 3 Medical
Pte. M. Sean to A/LCpl. M. Sean in Fire Support Group
[Image: nS5X2aiYG1UykD9PysCAd4s4sqI%3D.png]
Commendation for Valuable Service
Operation SCIMITAR 2
Operation SCORPION
Operation BULLDOG
Operation CROMWELL
Operation COMET
Operation CRUSADER
Operation TROJAN(UN)
Operation PANTHER
Operation SARACEN
Accumulated Campaign Service Medal With Bar
Unit Continued Support Ribbon
Over 36 Months Service Ribbon

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