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Urgent Operational Requirements

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To : All 4th Infantry Brigade Personnel
From: Capt. M. Boon
Subject: Urgent Operational Requirements
Issued: 13JUL17


Currently there are the spaces available in the following groups: Support Detachments, Fire Support and RAF. Transfer Applications to these roles are likely to be accepted under the Urgent Operational Requirements ruling (SOP 2-3e). Should you have any interest in these positions, please discuss this with your current Section or Detachment IC and with your future Section or Detachment IC, before entering your transfer application for consideration. Should these roles not be filled by transferees, new recruits may be assigned to these areas.

Sections/Detachments under Urgent Operational Requirements are as follows:

- 2 Signals Regiment
- 3 Medical Regiment
- 3-1 Fire Support Section
- Royal Air Force (No. 22 Group)

Capt. M. Boon
Officer Commanding, Alma Company
Cpl. M. Boon

"Communitate valemus - Together we are strong"
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The 4th Infantry Brigade is the biggest British unit to Arma 3. Our infantry represent 2nd Battalion, The Yorkshire Regiment. A Light Role infantry which is one of the British Armys adaptable battalions. We are equipped with Foxhound Protected Patrol Vehicles allowing us to travel quickly across any terrain, closing with and engaging the enemy.