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Website Update


To : All 4th Infantry Brigade Personnel
From: Pte. S. Lenders
Subject: Website Update
Issued: 15 April 2018

After almost 2 years of having the same landing page on the website. It was time we modernized it.
I've just launched our new refreshed website landing page.

The goal of the new template is to create a lot cleaner experience for people to connect to. Gone are the cluttered boxes containing a lot of info everywhere. Gone is the ugly about us page.
It could take some time to get used to for our enlisted members. You could miss some of the old features. Be aware that this is a new platform we can build on.

If you experience any issues please refresh your browser cache. If that doesn't help please send me a private message.

I hope you like it.

Pte. S. Lenders
G6 - Forum Developer
Kind Regards,

[Image: ZSPIjVi.png]

J6 - Website Developer / Website Administrator

“Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the universe.” 
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The 4th Infantry Brigade is the biggest British unit to Arma 3. Our infantry represent 2nd Battalion, The Yorkshire Regiment. A Light Role infantry which is one of the British Armys adaptable battalions. We are equipped with Foxhound Protected Patrol Vehicles allowing us to travel quickly across any terrain, closing with and engaging the enemy.