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JHC Section 6: Complaint Policy


Section 6: Complaint Policy

6-1: Overview

Any incident involving a 4th Infantry Brigade Milsim Unit member that violates unit policies or procedures are to be reported using the Chain of Command (CoC) at any time by ANYONE.

Anyone who feels that a member has violated a policy or procedure of this Unit may report the incident. The 4th Infantry Brigade Milsim Unit does not make excuses or cover for its members if they have in fact committed violations of our policies and procedures. 

If there is sufficient evidence that the incident did occur and it is in violation of policy, then the JHC HQ will dispense disciplinary or AGAI action as appropriate. Any baseless or frivolous complaints will also be dealt with appropriately.

6-2: Self-Resolution

Anyone who has a personal issue with a member of the Unit is encouraged to attempt to speak with the member first about the issue. If that fails, utilising the Chain of Command is the next option. If the complainant is a guest the issue can be reported directly to JHC HQ. If the complainant is a member of the 4th Infantry Brigade then the standard Chain of Command is to be followed. If there is a perceived or clear violation of the policies or procedures of this unit you may just report the incident. There are several ways to report an incident to the Command Staff, all of which allow us to document the complaint. Complaints should be passed  through chain of command, simple case of sending a forum PM up the Chain of Command and they would go from there. 

6-3: Reporting Procedure

In all of these methods the following standard information will be collected:
  • Date and Time of incident
  • Where the incident occurred (public or private game server, TeamSpeak, etc.)
  • Details of the incident
  • Means to contact complainant if we have questions or need clarification on the incident
  • A list of anyone present during the incident
Forum Private Message - All complaints are to be made via private message on our forums to the most appropriate person within your chain of command. This is so that a paper trail of all complaints can be made and proven.

Once a complaint has been submitted, the accused will be contacted. The accused will also be contacted following the conclusion of any investigations that took place. The exact findings and results will be shared with the persons involved but may or may not be published depending on whether it is deemed in the 'Public Interest'.

6-4: Summary

Please remember that if your Chain of Command is not aware of an issue, we cannot do anything about it. It is imperative that any issues you have go directly to your superior to ensure your complaint gets addressed properly in a timely fashion.
Remember that the name of the accused will not be disclosed unless it is absolutely vital to the investigation. It is the responsibility of every member of this unit to not only behave and follow the policies and procedures we have established but to also attempt to correct deficiencies on the spot and, failing that, to report the incidents so that they may be handled appropriately.

The goal of the 4th Infantry Brigade MilSim Unit is to provide a fun and entertaining simulation of the British Army but we do not allow unprofessional behaviour or actions that bring disgrace or dishonour to the Unit or its members.

After a period of 7 days the case is to be raised to the next link in the Chain of Command.  If the case has been dealt with the member dealing with the case is to inform the Flight Sergeant Major (FSM) of the issue, the investigation, and the outcome.

If the member placing the complaint is not happy with the outcome, they have the right to have an interview with the CSM to discuss the incident.

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