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3-1 adventures - Pte. G. Jenkin - 09-05-2017

Out for a walk

[Image: 7fMKWlg.jpg]

[Image: D4Szbh8.jpg]

Extraction time

[Image: Q1oK6Eb.jpg]

[Image: OTda0bl.jpg]

[Image: XrU2C3m.jpg]

Bit o stag at front of PB Gammon

[Image: eOWUmN2.jpg]

RE: 3-1 adventures - Pte. G. Jenkin - 10-05-2017

Setting off from Camp Rook to save Flynn in convoy

[Image: V88Nlbi.jpg]

[Image: bb8eVWW.jpg]

[Image: 4UF9l9C.jpg]

Poor T4's awaiting reinsert

[Image: 7u8y3UW.jpg]

[Image: PCjboFo.jpg]

Lots of space aboard 18th onroute to PB Mike

[Image: rJAQO4R.jpg]

[Image: 5ffaGPj.jpg]

Popa gets to play with 81mm mortar

[Image: x2RhLjx.jpg]

[Image: WIGEZTP.jpg]

Pte. L. Scott watching Popa shoot off

[Image: Stx4ZBb.jpg]

Convoy heading out of objective and taking multiple contact, sounds hectic over comms

[Image: qF9Uqk5.jpg]

Convoy all cosy back at PB Mike

[Image: TUHXS3l.jpg]

[Image: ViR6GEg.jpg]

RE: 3-1 adventures - Pte. G. Jenkin - 14-05-2017

Convoy stepping off from PB Mike in MRAPS for COP/PB Kino

[Image: dgE3Qnn.jpg]

Stopping to provide security for a vic to be towed

[Image: qgIipu1.jpg]

2Lt. L. Williams going to check on the situation

[Image: mKkEbG7.jpg]

Arriving at COP/PB Kino

[Image: S3jFC37.jpg]

Medical tent before EN TB flatten it

[Image: nISFfZv.jpg]

Look mum some big trucks and a bunker!

[Image: KxMNtJc.jpg]

Covering South West with Nielsen

[Image: TtBpcxz.jpg]

Providing overwatch for 1-2

[Image: G0t4U9S.jpg]

[Image: TKd5zIL.jpg]

[Image: Ki1oILx.jpg]

Kino gate on lockdown

[Image: L4WfEnT.jpg]

3Med's  LCpl. J. Thomas having his work cut out for him

[Image: bqV4eI1.jpg]

RE: 3-1 adventures - Pte. G. Jenkin - 17-05-2017

HR Starts

Say cheese! boys

[Image: Zi2yXVW.jpg]

Cue for the loo before we leave

[Image: Ngypc6R.jpg]

Bit 'o' the usual staggered column as we head down the road

[Image: 2affDKa.jpg]

Careful Nielsen, there may be an IED!

[Image: ZJsoPbu.jpg]

Great! taking bloody contact while digging in

[Image: g51K5Xj.jpg]

Civilian wonderment
[Image: WHz8vyK.jpg]

Eye spy with my little eye

[Image: 6wuBBU4.jpg]

OOh! a forest camo coyote

[Image: I8gqGlW.jpg]

RE: 3-1 adventures - Pte. G. Jenkin - 22-07-2017

Any 2-1 call for a taxi?

[Image: 2oiDvW7.jpg]

[Image: uWEGIlm.jpg]

[Image: YHgvLcl.jpg]

RE: 3-1 adventures - Pte. G. Jenkin - 08-08-2017

3-1 FSS Supporting from the roof tops instead of a hill for a change

[Image: imNIDeG.jpg]

Image Courtesy of 3-1 FSS Pte. J. Muskat

RE: 3-1 adventures - Pte. G. Jenkin - 24-08-2017

Operation Scorpion Patrol- Bit of sight-seeing

[Image: WqmmhI9.jpg]

Yates, When we said wear protection when you hook with a girl

[Image: bUE1vKg.jpg]

New Pte's to FSS going the through some courses and familiarisation

[Image: DkVW3D5.jpg]

[Image: eIBjHux.jpg]

[Image: RhZCZiA.jpg]

RE: 3-1 adventures - L. Rouz - 24-08-2017

Very cool, Thanks Jenkins

RE: 3-1 adventures - L. Rouz - 26-08-2017

[Image: hJ7xVMG.jpg]
Thanks for the wheel @"Pte. J. Seymour"

RE: 3-1 adventures - J. Seymour - 27-08-2017

Pleasure as always