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3-1 adventures

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Out for a walk

[Image: 7fMKWlg.jpg]

[Image: D4Szbh8.jpg]

Extraction time

[Image: Q1oK6Eb.jpg]

[Image: OTda0bl.jpg]

[Image: XrU2C3m.jpg]

Bit o stag at front of PB Gammon

[Image: eOWUmN2.jpg]

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Setting off from Camp Rook to save Flynn in convoy

[Image: V88Nlbi.jpg]

[Image: bb8eVWW.jpg]

[Image: 4UF9l9C.jpg]

Poor T4's awaiting reinsert

[Image: 7u8y3UW.jpg]

[Image: PCjboFo.jpg]

Lots of space aboard 18th onroute to PB Mike

[Image: rJAQO4R.jpg]

[Image: 5ffaGPj.jpg]

Popa gets to play with 81mm mortar

[Image: x2RhLjx.jpg]

[Image: WIGEZTP.jpg]

Pte. L. Scott watching Popa shoot off

[Image: Stx4ZBb.jpg]

Convoy heading out of objective and taking multiple contact, sounds hectic over comms

[Image: qF9Uqk5.jpg]

Convoy all cosy back at PB Mike

[Image: TUHXS3l.jpg]

[Image: ViR6GEg.jpg]

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Convoy stepping off from PB Mike in MRAPS for COP/PB Kino

[Image: dgE3Qnn.jpg]

Stopping to provide security for a vic to be towed

[Image: qgIipu1.jpg]

2Lt. L. Williams going to check on the situation

[Image: mKkEbG7.jpg]

Arriving at COP/PB Kino

[Image: S3jFC37.jpg]

Medical tent before EN TB flatten it

[Image: nISFfZv.jpg]

Look mum some big trucks and a bunker!

[Image: KxMNtJc.jpg]

Covering South West with Nielsen

[Image: TtBpcxz.jpg]

Providing overwatch for 1-2

[Image: G0t4U9S.jpg]

[Image: TKd5zIL.jpg]

[Image: Ki1oILx.jpg]

Kino gate on lockdown

[Image: L4WfEnT.jpg]

3Med's  LCpl. J. Thomas having his work cut out for him

[Image: bqV4eI1.jpg]


HR Starts

Say cheese! boys

[Image: Zi2yXVW.jpg]

Cue for the loo before we leave

[Image: Ngypc6R.jpg]

Bit 'o' the usual staggered column as we head down the road

[Image: 2affDKa.jpg]

Careful Nielsen, there may be an IED!

[Image: ZJsoPbu.jpg]

Great! taking bloody contact while digging in

[Image: g51K5Xj.jpg]

Civilian wonderment
[Image: WHz8vyK.jpg]

Eye spy with my little eye

[Image: 6wuBBU4.jpg]

OOh! a forest camo coyote

[Image: I8gqGlW.jpg]


Any 2-1 call for a taxi?

[Image: 2oiDvW7.jpg]

[Image: uWEGIlm.jpg]

[Image: YHgvLcl.jpg]

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3-1 FSS Supporting from the roof tops instead of a hill for a change

[Image: imNIDeG.jpg]

Image Courtesy of 3-1 FSS Pte. J. Muskat


Operation Scorpion Patrol- Bit of sight-seeing

[Image: WqmmhI9.jpg]

Yates, When we said wear protection when you hook with a girl

[Image: bUE1vKg.jpg]

New Pte's to FSS going the through some courses and familiarisation

[Image: DkVW3D5.jpg]

[Image: eIBjHux.jpg]

[Image: RhZCZiA.jpg]


Very cool, Thanks Jenkins
Pte. L. Rouz
3 Plt - FSG
"Honi soit qui mal y pense"
[Image: 3ieiubtt.jpg]
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[Image: hJ7xVMG.jpg]
Thanks for the wheel @"Pte. J. Seymour"
Pte. L. Rouz
3 Plt - FSG
"Honi soit qui mal y pense"
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6 Month Service Ribbon
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Pleasure as always

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The 4th Infantry Brigade is the biggest British unit to Arma 3. Our infantry represent 2nd Battalion, The Yorkshire Regiment. A Light Role infantry which is one of the British Armys adaptable battalions. We are equipped with Foxhound Protected Patrol Vehicles allowing us to travel quickly across any terrain, closing with and engaging the enemy.