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We are the 4th Infantry Brigade (4thIB), a Milsim unit based on the Royal Yorkshire Regiment, and with over 150 active members. Here in the 4thIB our goal is to provide our community with thrilling and genuine gameplay across 3 independent operation nights; Wednesday, Saturday, or Sunday. Our operations are rich in detail and action, supported by a dedicated and talented team of writers and Zeusers, with the 4thIB being deployed for a number of months in unique and interesting locations. With nearly a decade of experience of MilSim, and over 30 deployments completed to date, from the Saharan desert to the Siberian tundra, we've seen it all.

Mission Statement

At the core of our mission is the commitment to provide our community with a professional and exhilarating experience. We endeavour to create an environment that seamlessly blends realism with the inherent limitations of ArmA 3, ensuring that every engagement is both authentic and engaging. When a member of 4IB joins an event, whether it be an official operation or an informal gathering, they do so with a dual purpose: not only to derive personal satisfaction but also to elevate the enjoyment and immersion of the entire community. Each individual's presence is a catalyst for enhancing the collective experience, fostering camaraderie, and maximising the enjoyment for all participants.

Unit Composition

The 4thIB consists of 2 YORKS (Light Infantry) and 1 YORKS (Mechanised Infantry),  No. 903 Expeditionary Air Wing (Chinooks & Apache), Tactical Medical Wing, JTAC, along with other Battlegroup Support Detachments. Together, these make up the Battlegroup, under which we conduct large-scale operations. 4thIB historically consisted of Alma Coy and supporting assets. We have since expanded into two distinct battalions consisting of two light infantry companies (Alma and Burma) and one armoured infantry company (Corunna) including RDG Recce Troop. Each company is further supported by their own Fire Support Group (FSG) sections.

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Alma and Burma Company, 2 YORKS are Light-role Infantry companies each consisting of a company HQ, a Light Infantry Platoon and a Fire Support Section. Alma Company operates on Saturdays, and Burma Company on Sundays. Our light-role companies are trained in high-intensity, light-role warfighting, counter-insurgency, security sector reform, peacekeeping, or supporting civil authorities, and can work closely with other elements. The companies are experts in dismounted close combat, and conducting operations in built-up environments, and are rigorously trained in light mechanised roles, to fight by foot or by vehicle.

Each platoon consists of a platoon HQ element that has a Platoon Commander and Platoon Sergeant, they are in charge of the three Infantry Sections within the platoon. The three Infantry Sections are each made up of 8; a Section 2IC (Lance Corporal), and a Section Commander (Corporal) and 6 riflemen. Each member of the section has their own individual role specialist that allows an individual section to effectively close in and defeat the enemy.

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Corunna Company, 1 YORKS are a Mechanised Infantry Company consisting of a Company HQ, one Mechanised Infantry Platoon, one Recce Squadron in the form of RDG (Royal Dragoon Guards) & one Fire Support Group. Corunna Coy are experts in providing highly manoeuvrable, fast-moving, and hard hitting firepower, in a wide variety of environments.

The Mechanised Infantry Platoon utilises the Stryker APC that is armed with a 12.7mm HMG or a 40mm GMG. Consisting of a Platoon HQ element, with a Platoon Commander and a Platoon Sergeant who are in charge of the three mechanised infantry sections. The three Mechanised Infantry Sections are each made up of 9 members: A Section Commander (Corporal), a Lance Corporal, and seven riflemen.

Recce Squadron, Royal Dragoon Guards is an Armoured Cavalry Troop consisting of 3 FV107 Scimitar Mk II CVR(T)s under Corunna Company. The troop provides both mounted formation reconnaissance and dismounted close target reconnaissance, as well as fire support and screening for 1 YORK operations. The troop are experts on armoured warfare and mastering the art of closing with and observing the enemy, undetected.

Each vehicle consists of a Non-commissioned vehicle commander and two Troopers acting as a Gunner and a Driver. When dismounted, the troop can work as three man fireteams or one enlarged section. The troop is supported by a Company HQ based Company Quartermaster Sergeant who deals with their logistical requirements.

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Fire Support Group, provide the heavier, company-level assets that the infantry platoons rely on for force amplification. Experts on the use of machine guns, mortars and launchers. They extend the capability of each company through the use of their specialist equipment and applied fire support knowledge. This in turn allows them to fulfil the role of our primary ground-based support assets while being flexible enough to integrate into the existing company command structure.

Each company operates in tandem with one fire support section with a total of three across the battlegroup. Each section operates two Coyote Logistical Vehicles, one specialised in the use of machine guns and the other mortars. Commanded by a Corporal and Lance Corporal, fire support sections complete a number of tasking for their company, mainly; heavy machine gun support using the L111A1, L134A1 & L7A2, mortar support using the L16, Anti-Tank using Javelin & NLAW and Air Defense using the Starstreak HVM MANPADS.

4 YORKS, is our Reserve Infantry Company. Members of 4 YORKS within the 4IB consist of members whose real lives dictate that they cannot regularly attend operations. Members of the Reserve Company have the opportunity to fill in during training and operations to assist their 1 YORKS and 2 YORKS counterparts.

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12 Military Intelligence are the Zeus operators providing a dynamic and immersive experience for the rest of the unit on operations. They closely work alongside the Brigade J-Offices to make sure that both deployment and training runs smoothly. 12 Military Intelligence are essential for our day-to-day operations and ensuring all members have an enjoyable night.

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No. 18 Squadron, Royal Air Force fly and crew our Chinook HC6 aircraft. Providing infantry movement, heavy lift, and logistical capability, they are essential to support the highly mobile infantry companies we field on the ground. They regularly fly missions in support of ground forces by transporting troops and logistics around the battlefield. No.18 Sqn will move casualties to a medical facility where they can receive full treatment for their injuries. They will then be re-inserted by No.18 Sqn or ground assets.

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No. 34 Squadron, Royal Air Force Regiment provides joint terminal attack controllers (JTAC) to the Battlegroup on training and operations. No. 34 Squadron, attach themselves to Company headquarters, facilitating the identification and engagement of enemy forces by No. 662 Squadron. They’re also able to access an AR-2 Darter drone to provide urgent ISTAR to the local surroundings. They provide the vital link between ground and air assets.

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No. 662 Squadron, Army Air Corps are invaluable in providing the ground commanders with a flexible and powerful option for Close Air Support (CAS), and Intelligence, surveillance, target acquisition, and reconnaissance (ISTAR) capabilities. Highly trained in operating the AgustaWestland Apache AH1, the Squadron can pinpoint strike targets from long distance or provide area suppression on targets, as well as observe the area ahead of the infantry.

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Tactical Medical Wing provides combat medical support to the Battlegroup. They provide a detachment of trained Combat Medical Technicians (CMTs) to treat any casualties whilst on operations. Each medic deployed alongside the infantry on the frontline. A medic is attached to both platoon and company HQ elements, where they aid in the evacuation and treatment of casualties using the KAT Advanced Medical system. Our medics will stay with critically injured personnel until they can be handed over and extracted by helicopter.


We share the same core values as the British Army despite being an ArmA 3 Milsim. These values should not just ring true in our work, or in our case a play environment, but in all walks of life.

Listed below are the core values of the British Army that we strive to uphold within the 4IB:


"Soldiering has always demanded physical courage, to knowingly go into harm’s way on behalf of the nation. Physical courage is required to risk life, take life, show restraint, endure hardships and focus on the task; soldiers depend on each other for it. Equally important is moral courage, the strength and confidence to do what is right, even when it may be unpopular and to insist on maintaining the highest standards of behaviour and decency. This earns respect and fosters trust."


"Discipline is the primary antidote to fear and maintains operational effectiveness: it is supported by team loyalty, trust and professionalism. Discipline instils self-confidence and self-control. Good discipline means soldiers will do the right thing even under the most difficult of circumstances."

Respect for Others

"Respect for others, both those inside and outside of our organisation is not only a legal obligation, but it is also a fundamental principle of the freedom that our society enjoys. Teams that embrace diversity, and value each individual for their contribution and viewpoint are always stronger for it. We must treat everyone we encounter, as we would wish to be treated"


"Integrity means being truthful and honest, which develops trust amongst individuals and welds them into robust and effective teams. Integrity is therefore critical to soldiering, as soldiers must have complete trust in one and other as their lives might ultimately depend on it. Trust in the Chain of Command is also key, and demands integrity from those in positions of authority."


"Loyalty binds all ranks of the Army together, creating cohesive teams that can achieve far more than the sum of their parts. The Nation, Army and Chain of Command rely on the continuing allegiance, commitment and support of all who serve. But, loyalty is not blind and must operate within the parameters of the other Values; it should not stop appropriate action to prevent transgressions by subordinates, peers or seniors."

Selfless Commitment

"Selfless commitment is a foundation of military service, soldiers must be prepared to serve where and when required and always give their best. The needs of the mission and the team come before personal interests. Ultimately, soldiers may be required to give their lives for their country, that is true selfless commitment."

Enriching the community

Fun Ops

Outside of the regular unit operations, we run several Patrol and Fun Ops throughout the month. Patrol Ops allow unit members to take part in taskings that fall outside of our normal roles; EOD, Covert Strikes, GreenFor Ops. Along with these the community also runs Fun Ops with a wide range of settings; WW2, Vietnam, Cold War, Halo. The Fun Ops are run completely outside of the normal Operation calendar and give a complete change of pace.


Within the 4IB, the J7 Office is dedicated to the training of the unit’s members via an introductory Phase 1 course, Phase 2 and 3 courses for specialist subjects/weaponry and various multi-week Promotional Courses. Every new member who joins the 4IB will sit Phase 1 training ran by a dedicated 6 man team to introduce them to the tactics of the British Army; following this members can then sign up to specialist courses (known as Phase 2/3 courses) to further their knowledge; some examples of this are AT, MG, Pointman, Ammo Tech, etc. For members who want to progress through the ranks of the unit, then they can sign up to promotional courses which teaches the fundamentals of each different NCO position in the unit from 2IC (LCpl) all the way to a Platoon Commander (Lt).

For interests within EAW, upon completion of Phase 1, members may choose to pursue courses with a focus on the many air assets available within 4IB. Certain positions require a selection in your basic skills before being accepted to join on the training pathway. Upon entering a training pathway, specialist courses involving medical, cargo, flight, weapons employment and more are required to be passed to reach different ranks. Different ranks have a differentiating level of experience required as well as roles on operation.

Promotion Structure

We follow the traditional system of promotion within the British Army, here in the 4thIB, that allows a member to progress through the ranks of our community - if they chose to do so. All members who join our community start their MilSim journey as private soldiers (or equivalent within EAW). This is where they learn and hone their skills in the trade they have chosen to specialise in. Promotion opportunities exist for members who wish to move into leadership roles and give back to the 4thIB community.

Joint Ops

Our community enjoys engaging in joint operations with fellow communities, spanning both Modern, Historical and futuristic themes. Whether it's collaborating with others or hosting our own events, we embrace the opportunity to join with other communities to create fun and memorable experiences . If you would like to be part of these joint operations, we invite you to join our Discord and connect with our community liaisons.

To apply to join follow this link!