About Us

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The 4th Infantry Brigade Military Simulation unit was founded in November 2015 by members from various backgrounds and experiences. From inception through to the present our combination of members with real life military and milsim experience provides us with a solid foundation to authentically portray the real 4th Infantry Brigade within the limitations that ArmA 3 presents.

Mission Statement

We aim to bring a professional and fun experience to all of our members whilst continually finding the perfect balance between realism and the limitations that ArmA 3 provides. When a member of 4IB attends an event, Official or Unofficial, they do so with the intention that their attendance is not only just for their enjoyment but to enhance the experience for everyone else.

Unit Composition

The 4th Infantry Brigade Milsim consists of two battalions, 2 YORKS and 1 YORKS, as well as the No. 903 Expeditionary Air Wing. Together, these make up the 2 YORKS Battlegroup, under which we conduct large scale operations. 4IB historically consisted of Alma Coy and supporting assets. We have expanded into two battalions consisting of four light infantry platoons, one armoured infantry platoon, and one mechanised infantry platoon across three companies, to accommodate the growth of the unit.

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Alma and Burma Company, 2 YORKS are Light-role Infantry Companies each consisting of a Company HQ and two Light Infantry Platoons. They form the backbone of our light infantry operations, with Alma Company operating on Saturdays and Burma Company on Sundays. Our light-role companies are trained in high-intensity, light-role warfighting, counter-insurgency, security sector reform, peacekeeping or supporting civil authorities and can work closely with other elements. The companies are experts in dismounted close combat and rigorously trained in light mechanised roles, to fight by foot or by vehicle.

Each Rifle Platoon consists of a Platoon Commander and Sergeant, who is in charge of the three Infantry Sections within the Platoon. Infantry Sections are made up of eight individuals; a Corporal, Lance Corporal, and six privates who will accomplish any mission in front of them.

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Corunna Company, 1 YORKS is a Mechanised Infantry Company consisting of a Company HQ and two Mechanised Infantry Platoons, and is the backbone of our Wednesday operations. The Mechanised Infantry Platoons utilise the Mastiff PPV armed with a 12.7mm HMG or a 40mm GMG. Corunna Coy are experts in providing highly maneuverable, fast-moving, hard hitting firepower in a wide variety of environments.

Each Mechanised Infantry Platoon consists of a Platoon Commander and a Platoon Sergeant who are in charge of the three infantry sections.
The sections consist of 9 members: A Corporal, a Lance Corporal, and seven riflemen.

4 YORKS, is our Reserve Infantry Company. Members of 4 YORKS within the 4IB consist of members whose real lives dictate that they cannot regularly attend operations. Members of the Reserve Company have the opportunity to fill in during training and operations to assist their 1 YORKS and 2 YORKS counterparts.

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12 Military Intelligence are the Zeus operators providing an immersive experience for the rest of the unit. They closely work alongside the Brigade J-Offices to make sure that both deployment and training runs smoothly. 12 Military Intelligence is essential for operational immersion and provides every member day-to-day enjoyment.

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No. 18 Squadron, Royal Air Force fly and crew our Chinook HC6 aircraft. They regularly fly missions in support of ground forces by transporting and evacuating troops to and from the battlefield. No. 18 is also relied upon to provide heavy lift and resupply support to troops in the field.

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No. 34 Squadron, Royal Air Force Regiment provides joint terminal attack control (JTAC) to the Battlegroup on training and operations. No. 34 Squadron facilitates the medical evacuations and transport of troops, logistics and ammunition through the establishment of Helicopter Landing Sites via radio communications.

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No. 662 Squadron, Army Air Corps are invaluable in providing the ground commanders with a flexible and powerful option for Close Air Support and ISTAR. Highly trained in operating the Apache AH1, the Squadron can pinpoint strike targets from long distance or provide area suppression on targets, as well as observe the area ahead of the infantry.

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Tactical Medical Wing provides a detachment of trained Combat Medical Technicians to treat any casualties whilst on Operations. Our medics will deploy to the frontline as a light role medical wing to evacuate and treat casualties with the Advanced ACE Medical system. The medics will stay with critically injured personnel whilst they are extracted via helicopter and taken back to a Forward Operating Base (FOB). At the FOB the casualty can be fully stabilised and treated,  and then be re-inserted by No.18 Sqn or ground assets.


We share the same core values as the British Army despite being an ArmA 3 Milsim. These values should not just ring true in our work, or in our case a play environment, but in all walks of life.

Listed below are the core values of the British Army that we strive to uphold within the 4IB:


"Soldiering has always demanded physical courage, to knowingly go into harm’s way on behalf of the nation. Physical courage is required to risk life, take life, show restraint, endure hardships and focus on the task; soldiers depend on each other for it. Equally important is moral courage, the strength and confidence to do what is right, even when it may be unpopular and to insist on maintaining the highest standards of behaviour and decency. This earns respect and fosters trust."


"Discipline is the primary antidote to fear and maintains operational effectiveness: it is supported by team loyalty, trust and professionalism. Discipline instils self-confidence and self-control. Good discipline means soldiers will do the right thing even under the most difficult of circumstances."

Respect for Others

"Respect for others, both those inside and outside of our organisation is not only a legal obligation, but it is also a fundamental principle of the freedom that our society enjoys. Teams that embrace diversity, and value each individual for their contribution and viewpoint are always stronger for it. We must treat everyone we encounter, as we would wish to be treated"


"Integrity means being truthful and honest, which develops trust amongst individuals and welds them into robust and effective teams. Integrity is therefore critical to soldiering, as soldiers must have complete trust in one and other as their lives might ultimately depend on it. Trust in the Chain of Command is also key, and demands integrity from those in positions of authority."


"Loyalty binds all ranks of the Army together, creating cohesive teams that can achieve far more than the sum of their parts. The Nation, Army and Chain of Command rely on the continuing allegiance, commitment and support of all who serve. But, loyalty is not blind and must operate within the parameters of the other Values; it should not stop appropriate action to prevent transgressions by subordinates, peers or seniors."

Selfless Commitment

"Selfless commitment is a foundation of military service, soldiers must be prepared to serve where and when required and always give their best. The needs of the mission and the team come before personal interests. Ultimately, soldiers may be required to give their lives for their country, that is true selfless commitment."

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