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Welcome to the 4th Infantry Brigade

Welcome to the 4th Infantry Brigade. In order to join the largest British Mil-Sim unit for Arma 3, you must first complete our 3 phase recruitment process. The first of which can be done right now by creating an account, following the link at the bottom of this page and submitting your application. Be sure to read below about what we expect to see in your application.

After your application has been screened, you will be PM'd in order to arrange an interview. Do not panic, you will not need a suit and tie. Our interview process is quick and painless and it exists to best ensure that you as a recruit know what you are signing up for and that you have no questions of us and likewise that we have none of you.

The final phase of the recruitment process is your basic training. This differs depending on whether you wish to join the Infantry or the Joint Helicopter Command. Completion of this training is required in order to join in with official Operation and Training nights. More can be found about the different training processes below.

Please note: Before you begin you must create a forum account.

The Application

Writing your Application:
  • DO try to answer each question to the fullest of your ability, give us something to read.
  • DO use correct spelling and grammar where possible. If English is not your first language, do your best.
  • DO tell us about yourself and any hobbies you have away from your desk. It would be a bit boring if all we ever spoke about was ArmA 3!
  • DO give us a good, thought out reason as to why you want to join the 4th Infantry Brigade.
  • DO demonstrate that you have read our 'About Us' page.
  • DON'T lie about anything in your application. We will find out and it will result in you being immediately discharged from the unit.
  • DON'T leave blank spaces in your application, if there is a question, answer it.
Follow this link to the Application Form Or you can continue reading. There is another link at the bottom of the page.

Application Submitted
  • Application received by the J1 Office (Personnel and Manpower)
  • Reviewed within 24 hours.
  • Accepted and invited to attend an interview OR rejected, with the reason listed.
The Interview

Invited to Attend an Interview with J1
  • You will receive a private message within 24 hours of your application being submitted, if it has passed the initial screening.
  • Connect under the name listed in your application and move to the Looking For A Recruiter channel.
  • The interview will last between 5-30 minutes, and allows you to learn more about the Unit, and for us to find out more about you.
  • If accepted, you will then be assigned to Recruits, and given tags and extended TeamSpeak access.
Infantry Training

Phase 1 Training:
  • If you pass the Interview, you will then be required to partake in Phase I  training, this occurs on a Tuesday evening at 1930hrs.
  • Your Phase I must occur within 14 days of your application; otherwise you will be discharged as Inactive.
  • The completion of Phase One Training is required to attend ALL official Operations, however it is not required in order to attend Home Rotation Nights or unofficial Operation nights.
After Phase 1:
  • The 4th Infantry Brigade offers a wide variety of opportunities for advancement through a multitude of courses. These courses are run frequently
    • Phase 2 role-specific courses. (Machine Gunner/Anti Tank Rifleman/Pointman)
    • Promotional/advancement courses (JNCO, SNCO and Commissioned Officer Course)
  • Specialisations in Manoeuvre Support Platoon - Fire Support Platoon & Assault Pioneer Platoon
  • Specialisation in Brigade Support Assets - 3 Medical Regiment, 2 Signals Regiment, 11 Explosive Ordnance Disposal & 12 Military Intelligence Company (Zeus)
Joint Helicopter Command Training

Air Crew Training:
  • If you pass the Interview, you will then be required to partake in Air Crew training, held by members of the Joint Helicopter Command at their discretion.
  • The completion of Air Crew training is the minimum required to part take in official Operations and trainings.
Pilot Training:
  • Once you have completed your Air Crew training you will be able to complete your Flight Defence School to become a qualified Pilot, then you will be able to complete the relevant Conversion Course for your Squadron.
Any other questions do not hesitate to post a thread in public access or hop onto our Teamspeak 3 at

>>> To apply to the 4th Infantry Brigade, please follow this link to the Application Form <<<