Standard Operating Procedures

Section 4: Training and Operations

4-1. Overview
4-2. Scheduled Section/Detachment Training
4-3. Non-Mandatory Training
4-4. Training Reports
4-5. Official Operations
4-6. Patrol Operations
4-7. Patrol Reports
4-8. Home Rotations
4-9. Leave of Absence
4-10. Phase 3 Trainings

4-1. Overview

The 4th Infantry Brigade and its members are dedicated to making our unit the most professional, yet fun, Arma 3 MilSim environment within Europe. To that end, we run regular training at all levels that members are able to, or are expected to attend. This Section should outline to all members their requirements when it comes to Training and Operations with the 4th Infantry Brigade.

4-2. Scheduled Section/Detachment Training

All Sections and Detachments within the Order of Battle (ORBAT) of the 4th Infantry Brigade are expected to attend the Weekly training/Patrol session (Wednesday or Thursday, dependant on which Platoon the member is currently in). This training is scheduled for the same time/day each week and all members are expected to either attend or post a Leave of Absence (LOA) prior to the commencement of such training.

Section/Detachment training/patrols are a mandatory event for all 4th Infantry Brigade members that are within that Section/Detachment ORBAT. If a member is unable to attend, they are to post a Leave of Absence(LOA) in the appropriate thread on the forums.

Scheduled Training/Patrols must be no shorter than an hour in length and no longer than two hours. While members may voluntarily remain for training longer, no member will be required to attend training longer than two hours.

All Scheduled Section/Detachment Training/Patrol should generate a Training/Patrol Report. If it was a platoon training/patrol then this report shall be generated by members of platoon headquarters. However, if this was a section level training/patrol then the respective section commander shall generate this report.

4-3. Non-Mandatory Training

Any section, platoon or detachment may conduct non-mandatory training at any time. This training falls outside of the scheduled weekly training or operation nights during Home Rotation. It can consist of any amount of members of a section, platoon or detachment gathering in TeamSpeak, on our training server or even on a public server, so long as it can be shown that the activity benefits training and development of those involved in this event.

For example; practicing a Section Attack on an Invade and Annex or Capture the Island server would be beneficial. Playing as a Section on Day-Z or Breaking Point type servers would not.

All non-mandatory training conducted must be accompanied by a training report.

4-4. Training Reports

All Section/Detachment Level trainings that are conducted, whether mid-week, during Home Rotation or non-mandatory, requires the completion and submission of a Training Report as outlined below to the appropriate SNCO/Officer in Command (OC). 

Platoon Level training that is conducted during Home Rotation or during mid-week also requires a Training Report to be sent to members of Company HQ.

A template for Training Reports can be found below:









Submitted by:

4-5. Official Operations

Official Operations conducted by the 4th Infantry Brigade are mandatory events for all members. Anyone who is unable to attend must post an LOA prior to the event.

At present, all Official Operations for 2nd Battalion, The Yorkshire Regiment, Alma Company and Detachments will be held on Saturdays at 19:30 hours GMT.

It is expected that all members will be on TeamSpeak in their appropriate channels between 15-30 minutes prior to the commencement of Official Operations.

It is expected that all members will be logged into the Operations Server at least 10 minutes prior to the commencement of Official Operations. Further to this, it is expected that members will be appropriately dressed and armed for their upcoming Operation and they will be suitably briefed on the mission to follow.

4-6. Patrol Operations

Patrol Operations are conducted on the main operations server with the active ‘Operations Mission File’. It is designed for small groups to log on and complete tasks set by Company HQ in substitution for or as non-mandatory training. Attendance is not mandatory unless the patrol falls on a day in which scheduled training would usually be carried out. In such circumstances a Leave of Absence post is required.

Patrol Operations where encountering contact is a possibility must not be conducted unless the following minimum resources can be mobilised:

1x NCOs
At least 5x other member’s

Preferably, a member of 3 Medical Regiment or Team Medic will also be in attendance.

No assault or advance to contacts are to be instigated unless there is at least  3 sections of at least 6 members present.

4-7. Patrol Reports

Similar to training, all Patrol Operations conducted must generate a Patrol Report. This will be the responsibility of the most senior ranking member of the Patrol. Due to the fact that Patrols are carried out on the live Operations Mission, it is very important that any intelligence gathered be relayed to Command Staff. Patrols reports must be posted in the designated forums for the current Operation.

The below template can be used for Patrol Reports.








*Include Map of the area*







4-8. Home Rotations

Home Rotation periods are conducted after the end of an operation. It consists of multiple weeks of preparation for the coming operation where the infantry is drilled to topics needed for the specific future operations.

Within home rotation the operations evening is replaced with a section, platoon or company wide training session. These training sessions are mandatory for every member within the unit. As such anyone who is unable to attend must post an LOA prior to the event.

The weekly section trainings will also remain during the week.

4-9. Leave of Absence

A leave of absence is required from all members of the 4th Infantry Brigade where they have prior knowledge that they will not be able to attend a mandatory event. Each Section/Detachment has its own area of the forums for Leave of Absences to be posted and the required format.

A leave of absence is not a request, it is the member telling us that they are not going to be in attendance. At the 4th Infantry Brigade we understand that sometimes, people might not feel like playing one evening and submitting a Leave of Absence post, stating this is more than acceptable. However, should we find that members are posting Leave of Absences and stating that they are "going out for a family dinner" but are seen to been playing other games, or, that "my cat has died" for 5 weeks in a row, then that members honesty and integrity will be questioned and that could result in disciplinary action.

Leave of Absences can also be posted to notify Command Staff of expected late attendance. Please estimate where possible the expected time of arrival.

Leave of Absences can be posted for up to 21 days. Anything more than 21 days will constitute an  Extended Leave of Absence, which will result in the posting member being removed temporarily from their role to enable others to take their place. Upon the member's return we will try to place you back in the same role that you left, however this cannot always be guaranteed.

Separate Leave of Absences posted that amount to no attendance from the member over a period of 30 days will result in that member being moved provisionally to 4th Battalion, The Yorkshire Regiment, which are our reserve element. Return to the members previous role after such a move is not guaranteed.

4-10. Phase 3 Trainings

Within the unit, G7 and detachments can conduct phase 3 trainings. They are planned within the corresponding forum. Phase 3 trainings are in depth, specific topics.

Phase 3 trainings are not mandatory. Anyone can signup (As long as they meet the requirement of the course) to attend a training at own will or on the advice of his commander. 

Phase 3 training can have limited slots. The instructors will explain this within the signup instructions. Signing up will not guarantee a spot within the training.