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It is that time of the month again and the unit requires donations to keep the lights on, many thanks to all those who donate! (September 05)

Capt. P. Siddy
Registered Date20-11-2015
Enlistement Date05-08-2018
Time in Service1 Year, 3 Months, 1 Week, 4 Days
Promotion Date12-06-2019
Time in Seniority5 Months, 5 Days
Reported in3 hours ago
Regimental Number20180015
Service and operaton ribbons
Operation SAMARITAN Operation SAMSON Operation CHIEFTAIN Operation SCIMITAR Operation CROMWELL Operation COMET Unit Continued Support Ribbon 12 Month Service Ribbon
Teaching qualifications

The 4th Infantry Brigade is the biggest British unit to Arma 3. Our infantry represent 2nd Battalion, The Yorkshire Regiment. A Light Role infantry which is one of the British Armys adaptable battalions. We are equipped with Foxhound Protected Patrol Vehicles allowing us to travel quickly across any terrain, closing with and engaging the enemy.