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Fun Op Vote - Wed 2nd Jan


Hello All,

I did some earlier voting and another Police Op came out top, but I want to make sure everyone gets a chance to vote so here are some options:

Operation JINGLE CELLS - a modified, cleaned up version of CANDYCANE. Smaller Area, modified roles, and better use of those roles. Ironed out the hicups.

Battle Royale - Think Fortnite, but not gay. A slowly decreasing area of space on the map, if you stay out the circle for too long, you die. Rules will be laid out clearly if this gets voted top. 

UKSF PvP - Capture and Extract an HVT. There will be two teams, equally divided by number. Take turns to attack and defend different locations from other members. Loadouts by me. 

Vote here -
Operation BULLDOG
Operation CROMWELL
Operation PUMA VS
Operation COUGAR VS
Operation AJAX
Operation JACKAL VS
Operation COYOTE
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The 4th Infantry Brigade is the biggest British unit to Arma 3. Our infantry represent 2nd Battalion, The Yorkshire Regiment. A Light Role infantry which is one of the British Armys adaptable battalions. We are equipped with Foxhound Protected Patrol Vehicles allowing us to travel quickly across any terrain, closing with and engaging the enemy.