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Section 11: J Office

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1-1. Overview
1-2. Forum Thread
1-3. Discipline
1-4. Skill at arms
1-5. Courses and documents

1-1. Overview

Joining J7 and becoming an instructor is hugely important to the progression of all members within the unit. J7 Instructors currently teach over 20 courses with more in the pipeline. These range from our basic courses, moving to advanced, specialised and promotional. Each course is held at least once per month with some instructors running two or three a month. Most of our instructors teach one course to start. This is normally a subject they are particularly interested in. Some of the units more senior and experienced Instructors are cable of teaching multiple courses including promotional courses. All instructors within J7 are held to a high standard because of the importance of their job, as such the following SOP will help ensure those standards are maintained.

1-2. Forum Thread

All instructors are responsible for their own threads and must keep them updated. If an instructor needs to postpone the course or cancel they must give at least 24 hours notice and inform the head of J7 so another instructor can be found.
All courses must be posted on the unit calendar as soon as the course thread is made. Once a course has been completed, the instructor must post the next course date within 48 hours.
Any members assisting you teach the course must also be mentioned within the thread. Anyone assisting you does not need to do the DIT course or be a member of J7 but must already have the badge for that course.
All J7 instructors must follow the same template when posting a course. The only exceptions are the promotional courses.


1-3. Discipline

Any student that failed to attend will have an AGAI 67 Mi 11 sent by the course instructor. The WO2, head of J7, that members IC or next in their CoC and the J1 staff that deals with discipline must all be copied in.

Should a student be of a higher rank than the instructor, the warning can still be sent as the instructor has the authority up to the rank of the head of J7. If that member is of higher rank than the head of J7 then contact a member of Coy HQ before sending the warning.

Any instructor that feels a student is disrupting the course has the right to kick that member off the course after giving fair warning. The instructor has the authority up to the rank of the head of J7 to remove a student above his own rank. The instructor will then issue a Mi 4 to anyone kicked off the course.

Any instructor wishing to leave J7 must inform the head of J7 with at least 48 hours notice.

Any instructor that fails to run their course at least once per month will be issued a Mi 12 for failing to carry out J office duties and may be subject to removal from J7.

1-4. Skill at arms

Skill at arms instructors must have a minimum rank of Cpl. All infantry Sergeants within the unit must be trained as a skill at arms instructor. Any Cpl or Sgt with skill at arms must be available to run the ACMT at short notice. Any inactive member or those in ARC 1/ELOA will have their skill at arms badge removed.

1-5. Courses and documents

All J7 courses with the exception of promotional courses must be run at least once per month. The course instructor may teach more than this if they wish.

All courses and course documents are subject to inspection a review at anytime without warning by the head of J7.

All course documents must have a change log. Any changes must be cleared by the head of J7 before they are made and updated in the change log.


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