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Hello All,
Time to release some plans for the unit. Next on the list for 4IB is to have another OP night (most likely will be a Wednesday night) on this night will be the Royal Dragoons Guards in the FV107 (Scimitar) in support will be 617 Sqn (F-35) there will also be a requirement for some of our support detachments to attend to assist RDG.
Initially, we will be looking at 1Troop consisting of 4x FV107 (3 men crew) supported by a section or 2, further down the line then a Platoon of FV107. As for 1 Group 617 Sqn 2x F-35 (C variant due to arma models out there) providing air superiority, iStar and CAS.
This has been in the planning stages for a few months starting right back at the grassroots of training, J3 deployment team, MI12 Zeus, etc and having current OPs on Saturday and Sunday.

Feel free to come and chat to me on teamspeak if you have ideas or questions. This will not happen overnight and there are still a few things to finish off and tweak but once again I'm asking for your support lol I hope to see it all come together very soon and expand upon what we currently have which is giving our members exciting, entertaining, well thought out deployments on a truly large scale. This is one of many steps that we are making in the unit to drive to a larger and more flexible milsim environment.

Now to lay it out the best we can and hopefully as realistic as we can get it here is our new orbat:

[Image: N47AfeW.jpg]
Link to bigger pic
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The 4th Infantry Brigade is the biggest British unit to Arma 3. Our infantry represent 2nd Battalion, The Yorkshire Regiment. A Light Role infantry which is one of the British Armys adaptable battalions. We are equipped with Foxhound Protected Patrol Vehicles allowing us to travel quickly across any terrain, closing with and engaging the enemy.