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Running servers


Good (early for nighthawks) morning 

I have finally got no errors and mods installed after about 6/7 hours or more but im looking to test they are working and familiarise myself with the buttons but when i try to connect to servers it takes ages on loading then puts me in the main game screen where i can select singleplayer editor Quickplay etc.  are none of the 3 servers running so i can check it out


Server 2 should be up
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(09-01-2021, 03:11 AM)A/LCpl. J. Trewin Wrote: Server 2 should be up

That's what i thought but apparently i cant connect to that go through sync it just takes me to homepage of arma try direct says passwords wrong and third option i cant find them on the server list and im not a idiot with computers either that's the annoying bit i might need a idiots guide to connect to them

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