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Section 07: Reprimand Procedure

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Section 7: Reprimand Procedure

7.1 Reprimand Escalation
7.2 Army General Administrative Instruction 67 (AGAI 67) Procedure
7.3 Summary Hearing inc. AGAI 67 (Major Administrative Action Procedure)

7.1 Reprimand Escalation
  • Minor Violation:  Section Commander's Warning (Expires after 6 Months)
  • 2nd Minor Violation: AGAI 67
  • Multiple Minor Violations/Major Violation: COSH/MAAP
  • 2nd Major Violation or Instant Kick: Expulsion
Below are examples that qualify as minor/major offences that could warrant one of the above listed reprimand procedures.

AGAI 67 Document

7.2 Army General Administrative Instruction 67 (AGAI 67) Procedure

"It is Army policy that AGAI 67 is to be used to deal with minor failures to meet the stated standards of behaviour or performance unless there is a specific reason why a serviceman should merit Disciplinary Action under the Armed Forces Act 2003. Minor Administrative Action gives provision to award minor sanctions in response to these failures. Types of failings include poor turnout, bad soldiering, performing duties below the expected standard and absence for periods up to 48 hours. These sanctions offer commanders at all levels a wide range of responses. Repeated failings should attract Major Administrative or Disciplinary Action."
  • Up to 3 months without Promotion.
  • Up to 6 months without Joining G Offices.
  • Suspension for up to 6 Months from Offices.
  • Any specialist role shall be subjected to review for suspension by a Section IC’s discretion.

7.3 Summary Hearing inc. AGAI 67 (Major Administrative Action Procedure)

"It is Army policy that AGAI 67 is to be used as the basis to deal with major professional and personal failings that fall short of the stated standards of behaviour or performance. Major Administrative Action provides commanders at all levels with a swiftly delivered and reviewed, legal, fair and formally regulated way of dealing with serious failings in standards and performance."
  • AWOL Cases shall be subject to review by the respective Platoon HQ.
  • Potential demotion with no chance of promotion for up to 6 months.
  • Removal from Staff Office.

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