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Section 06: Complaint Policy

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Section 6: Complaint Policy

6-1. Overview
6-2. Self-Resolution
6-3. Reporting Procedure
6-4. Summary

6-1. Overview

Any incident involving a member of 4IB that violates Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) / AGAI are to be reported utilising the correct Chain of Command (CoC) at any time, by anyone.

Anyone who feels that a member has violated SOPs/AGAI of 4IB may report the incident either to the CoC or J8 where appropriate.

If there is sufficient evidence that the incident did occur and it is indeed in violation of SOPs/AGAI, then Battlegroup HQ will dispense disciplinary action as per Section 7-2, AGAI 67. Any baseless or fabricated complaints will also be dealt with according to Section 7-2, AGAI 67, Gr. 9, based on severity.

6-2. Self-Resolution

Anyone who has any personal issues with another member of 4IB should first attempt to resolve that issue with the member in question. If that fails, utilising Chain of Command (CoC) is the next option. The final option is to submit an official complaint via J8 through the forums if a resolution via CoC cannot be found or if it involves a member of that CoC.

6-3. Reporting Procedure

If a complaint is made via any of the previous mentioned methods, the following information will be collected:
  • Date and Time of incident.
  • Where the incident occurred.
  • Details of the incident.
  • Means to contact the Complainant, if further questioning or clarification of the incident is required.
  • A list of anyone present during the incident.
  • Any video/audio recording of the incident.
Once a complaint has been submitted, the accused will be contacted. The accused will also be contacted following the conclusion of any investigations that have taken place. The exact findings and results will be shared with the person/s involved but may or may not be released verbally dependent on the severity/sensitivity of the situation.

6-4 Summary

Please remember that if your Chain of Command (CoC) is not aware of an issue, that they cannot do anything about it. It is imperative that any issues go through this CoC (Unless involving a member of that CoC) to ensure your complaint gets addressed properly and in a timely manner.

It is the responsibility of every member of 4IB to not only follow the SOPs/AGAI demands that have been established but to also attempt to correct any deficiencies on the spot and failing that to report the incidents so that they may be handled appropriately.

The goal of 4IB is to provide a fun and entertaining MilSim environment depicting the British Army, but we do not allow unprofessional behaviour or actions that may disgrace or dishonour both 4IB or its members.

If after a period of 5-days an issue that has been passed up hasn’t been either dealt with or addressed at all, you have the right to go up to the next rank in the CoC or report the matter to J8 directly.

If the member placing the complaint is not happy with the resolution of that complaint, they have the right to have an interview with the Regimental Sergeant Major (RSM) or their respective Company Sergeant Major (CSM) if the former is not in post.

Fill-ins are held to the same standards as everyone else in 4IB and as such, are subject to the same disciplinary procedures. If the fill-in outranks the Section Commander, you should bring this to your CoC for them to deal with. If the fill-in does not outrank you, you should submit an AGAI with the corresponding offence. You may wish to include a recommendation to blacklist from filling in with your section, Pl or Company but this should be discussed with your CoC.
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