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Section 05: Game Server and Teamspeak Policy

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Section 5: Game Server, TeamSpeak, and Discord Policy

5-1. Overview
5-2. Game Server Seniority & Procedures
5-3. Requirements for Game Server Zeus Status
5-4. TeamSpeak and Discord Rules for 4IB Members and Guests
5-5. Staff Channels
5-6. Office Channels
5-7. Section Channels
5-8. Use of Soundboards
5-9. Respawn Policy
5-10. Outward Facing Content
5-11. Unofficial Missions

5-1. Overview

This section will highlight the following conduct expected of members of 4IB on its servers and the rules in place to prevent the misadministration of its servers.

5-2. Game Server Seniority

Battlegroup HQ, J6, Zeus Team and J7 on Training Nights have seniority regarding server administration, if you are logged in and are requested to logout, you must do so without hesitation – no matter of your rank.

After the above-mentioned list, standard Rank Structure for server administration follows.

If you are asked to disconnect, you are to do so without hesitation. If you have an issue with being instructed to disconnect, this can be raised later in TeamSpeak or Discord. Failure to follow this instruction from a senior member as per the aforementioned will result in an AGAI 67 - Mi.4.

5-3. Requirements for Game Server Zeus Status

Any member who requires the use of Zeus for a formal training on the Official 4IB Training Server (Server 2) is to be mindful of adjacent sections conducting training in any means. Abuse or misuse of Zeus will result in disciplinary action for the individual in question.

Zeus access on operations is strictly restricted to members of 12MI, J2 in a zeusing role or otherwise approved by Lead Zeus or BGHQ.

5-4. TeamSpeak and Discord Rules for 4IB Members and Guests

Members of 4IB will be provided with appropriate roles and access for their needs as per their position; rank, unit, and staff tags will be provided on TS for all members by J1 through forum transfers.

Members of 4IB will be provided with appropriate member roles in the official 4IB Discord. Administration of Discord roles is conducted by J1 for SuTs joining the unit at interview and then the member's CoC going forward. BGHQ/Discord admins are provided to ensure that members do not violate unit policies or wider Discord policies. Members of 4IB in the official Discord and TeamSpeak 3 server are required to have their rank and name in the correct format to identify themselves.

Members of 4IB will be provided access to specific TeamSpeak and Discord areas based on their ORBAT position and staff assignments to J-offices. If any member believes they do no have access to a staff area in which their J-office role requires said access, they may inform their J-office CoC so that their Discord or TeamSpeak permissions can be verified. Groups and roles not reasonably linked to existing responsibilities are not authorized for use without case-by-case written approval from BGHQ and noted on p-file. Any member that has unrequired TeamSpeak or Discord permissions and does not promptly bring it to the attention of their CoC may be issued an AGAI Mi.10. Members may temporarily access Discord channels they are seconded to by the relevant HQ (Pl level and up) if supporting with LOAs.

TeamSpeak Global Chat is restricted to only be used for unit wide messages by Officers, NCOs and J-office staff with a need to do so. Abuse or unofficial use will not be tolerated and may result in an official warning under AGAI 67 or kick/ban from TeamSpeak.

4IB TeamSpeak 3 server is administered by NCOs, Officers and specific J6 admins; infractions of policy will be dealt with by verbal warning, kicks and bans of an appropriate time amount. This may also be managed through Restrictions of Priveliges (ROPS) and/or AGAI 67. J1 staff solely administer changes of rank, J-office tags or removal of these on discharge - any issues should be brought to J1 head for remedy.

TS Channel administration is the responsibility of the Section IC/2IC, J-office head or the relevant HQ staff - it is their responsibility to maintain this in a professional fashion as it is visible to members of the unit. No other members should have access to the channel admin role as a result. 

TS Channel layouts are to be professional and uniform across the unit; these are to be maintained by channel admins and any queries/conflicts managed by the CoC.

Any official duties carried out both within and outside 4IB must keep to the same username as used on the forums, usually with the prefix [4IB] if visiting another TeamSpeak/Discord. Rank prefix is optional when conducting official duties outside 4IB.

Any member who wishes to play on a public server within the 4IB TeamSpeak can change their name, however must be located within a Gaming Room and may not carry out official duties for 4IB until that username is changed back.

Any individual found to be using an offensive or inappropriate TeamSpeak or Discord username, link or avatar will result in a warning. If this is not changed in an appropriate timeframe, the individual will be subject to disciplinary action under AGAI 67/admin kick or ban.

Individuals found to be using offensive/provoking remarks/gestures will receive an official warning or, dependent on severity, be subject to disciplinary action under AGAI 67/admin kick or ban.

Guests on the 4IB TeamSpeak or Public members in 4IB Discord found to be doing/portraying any of the above will be requested to change their name/avatar or be removed from either the TeamSpeak or Discord. This may be via kick or ban as appropriate.

Members who invite their friends onto TeamSpeak will be held accountable for their guests' actions for the duration of their time on the 4IB TeamSpeak.

Regular public members on TeamSpeak may be awarded the NAAFI bar regular tag in order to move freely in TS and speak to members - if found to be abusing this tag, the individual may lose this privilege and be kicked/banned from TS as appropriate. If this occurs, members are to report this to J6 to monitor.

5-5. Staff Channels

Staff Channels are used to discuss internal J-Office business only, these channels are not intended for members to ‘hide-away’ from the rest of 4IB. Those found to be located within J-Office channels not carrying out tasks related to that Office will be moved to a suitable channel.

5-6. Office Channels

Office channels work on a ‘Knock and Enter’ Policy. You must gain permission to enter the office from the person whom it belongs to, by contacting them prior to joining the channel. Disciplinary action may be taken against members showing constant disregard to this policy as per Section 7-2, AGAI 67, Mi. 3.

5-7. Section Channels

Section Channels are open for anyone to join. The Section IC/2IC reserves the right to ask any member at rank Corporal (Cpl.) and below that do not belong to that Section to remove themselves from the channel. If a member is asked to leave the channel, they should do so without discussion and wait to be cleared back in by the Section IC/2IC.

5-8. Use of Soundboards

Members are not allowed to use soundboards whilst participating in an official event such as a Deployment or Training Session. Special permissions can be given by Battlegroup HQ to allow the use of soundboards to enhance members’ experience positively.

Exceptions to this are members of the Zeus Team in which the use of soundboards is allowed so long as they are aimed towards improving atmosphere and positively impacting other members’ experiences.

5-9 Respawn Policy

Members are not allowed to respawn until either they see the Timer countdown to zero, or are instructed to respawn by a member of Tactical Medical Wing (TMW). Company HQ reserve the right to give authorisation for a respawn if there is a technical fault. Those who respawn outside the previous mentioned instances will be subjected to Section 7-2, AGAI 67, Mi. 3.

5-10: Outward Facing Content 

All internal 4IB SOPs and reprimand procedures (AGAI 67) apply to outward facing content. 

Outward Facing Content (define): Therein where a member of 4IB, is in attendance at a communal event (not hosted by 4IB) where the member has visible links to 4IB. Inluded but not limited to having '4IB' included in their name.

5-11: Unofficial Missions

All internal SOPs and reprimand procedures (AGAI 67) apply to missions that are posted and advertised as Unofficial Missions on the forums, unless otherwise stated by the host.
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