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Section 03: Multi-Arma 3 Unit Membership Policy

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Section 3: Multi-ArmA 3 Unit Membership Policy

3-1. Overview
3-2. Definitions
3-3. Exceptions
3-4. New Applicants
3-5. Active and Reserve Members
3-6. Retired and Discharged Members

3-1. Overview

4IB does not tolerate multiple ArmA 3 Unit Membership. Also known as “Dual-Clanning”. While we are only a gaming unit, the time commitment required for even the most laid back of members is vast. We feel that it would be unfair not only to this unit, but to any other unit for a member to split their time and dedication between said units. Therefore, “Dual-Clanning” is not tolerated.

3-2. Definitions

ArmA 3 Gaming Unit:
  • A gaming organisation that participates in Regular ArmA 3 events as their primary focus and has a military or similar ranking structure.
  • A Unit that plays total conversion mods for ArmA 3, does not fall under this category.
  • The act of participating as a member of 4IB and attempting to participate in any other ArmA 3 gaming unit as outlined above.

3-3. Exceptions

Members of 4IB may attend ‘Public Events’ hosted by other ArmA 3 Units or Organisations, as long as they do not interfere with any prior commitments that member has within 4IB or does not place that member on any official ORBAT outside of that of 4IB. However, the member will be expected to uphold the same conduct as they are expected to display within 4IB.

3-4. New Applicants

No applicant that wishes to join 4IB can be a current and active member of another ArmA 3 Gaming Unit, as outlined in Section 3-2. The J1 Recruitment Team will make every effort to confirm that all Applicants to 4IB are not currently a member of another ArmA 3 Gaming Unit prior to approve their application as part of the Application Process outlined in Section 1-2.

If any applicant is found to be participating in another ArmA 3 Gaming Unit, the applicant in violation of Section 3 will only have one chance to correct the issue, by either discharging from their current ArmA 3 Gaming Unit and submitting evidence to the J1 Recruitment Team that they have done so, or withdrawing their application from 4IB.

3-5. Active and Reserve Members

No member regardless of position shall become a member of another ArmA 3 Gaming Unit during their time in 4IB. Should a member be found to be given or possess membership in another ArmA 3 Gaming Unit during their time in 4IB, and confirmation can be made that they are active in said Unit, they shall be immediately subject to Section 7-2, AGAI 67, Gr. 4.

3-6 Retired and Discharged Members

Retired and Discharged members who are no longer actual members of 4IB are free to join other ArmA 3 Gaming Units at their own discretion.
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