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Recording game play.


I've seen the videos you guys have done (Look great btw) just  curious. What software do you use to record.. I've been trying to use OBS studio but it just crashed when ever I actually get into a game and start to play.. pretty useless tbh.

I've just tested gefprce experience and its recorded perfectly but hasn't recorded my voice,  so I'll obviously need something else to capture that but I'm just wondering what you lads would recommend?



Good option would be recording audio seperately with Audacity or a program of similar sort.


You can set up that it captures your voice on shadow play .
Just look in the options


There is FRAPS but it can be resourse heavy and take alot of space. I'm going to be using Camtasia 8 it's a screen recorder that will pick up your microphone aswell and it is also and editing tool.
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I use shadow play, which can record all audio, but that includes raw mic input. (for us push to talk chaps).

Otherwise no complaints - the save last 5mins feature is amazing.
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My setup is Shadowplay for both gameplay and microphone, but I run my mic through Voicemeeter for voice activation.

To Shadowplay, it's constantly recording my microhphone but Voicemeeter will ignore other sounds (Keyboard clicks or my breathing) and will only let Shadowplay hear anything when I speak.

Voicemeeter doesn't interfere with Teamspeak so I just keep it on all the time.
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