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Video lengths and other suggestions


Hey all I've had some people tell me some of my videos are too long and some tell me they are fine. I am looking for tips to improve if anyone has any critiques or criticism let me know. I promise I wont take what you say personally. Cheers lads.


Some people prefer short and snappy, others enjoy longer videos with all the small talk/banter. It's good to take in feedback, but you'll never please every viewer. Just make a video that YOU think is awesome, it doesn't matter if some don't like it then.
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I believe during the quite moments where literally nothing is happening, you are able to remove it without anybody really noticing. But I do enjoy the slightly longer vids, +20 mins, because they relieve more of how the unit handles the quite, not just lighting up the Taliban all day long. Context is key sometimes, hope this helps.


I think between 20-30 mintes per OP is ideal, and then possibly every 3 OPs edit all the IED explosion and SA contact in a montage with some music for those OPs?
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The thing I try to do with my videos in general is to make them as representitive as possible of what its like to be in the unit. So I leave in the action obviously but I also leave in 90% of the banter that isn't "questionable" because I don't want people to join the unit expecting to be shooting Taliban all day long since that isn't really what we do. I generally tend to cut things like when its just us walking in silence or us sitting in one spot completely quiet, but I leave in most of the short range stuff so the person watching still gets the atmosphere and how tense it is sometimes. I feel like people dont mind watching a video that is an hour long if its an hour of constant action and interesting things happening. That might just be me though.

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