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PMC Contract

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Hey guys!

I've put together a mission where up to 12 players have been contracted as PMCs to defend a negotiator while he tries to make peace with local leaders in a nearby town, and one or two Zeus players act out the role of the not-too-pleased civilians (sometimes extremists) in the town itself. The expected mission time is probably about two hours, and I plan to open up my server to people that want to play on the upcoming Sunday following this post, the 13th of August, starting at 1930hrs BST. I mostly created this to try dabbling with the editor and scripting again, since the last time I did anything like this was in ArmA 2, so there isn't anything incredibly fancy or elegant with regards to the mission editing side of things. The mod list is exactly the same as what we use for the 4thIB servers.

If you're interested, drop a post down below! Everyone's welcome, and if enough people want to take a stab I'll probably run it again. (Or it'll suck and I'll feel bad.)

P.S. There's a dedicated slot for medic, a slot for EOD, and one zeus slot (I'm taking the other), so if you have a preference toss that in your post as well.

Post edit: Current roster is as follows

Zeus: Pte. G. Serena
Zeus: Pte. Z. Hayes

PMC: Pte. W. Wallis
PMC: LCpl. E. Cartwright
PMC: A/LCpl. G. Karanlik
PMC: Pte. A. Naylor
PMC: Pte. J. Seymour
PMC: Pte. N. Hakaru
PMC: Pte. J. Smith

If anyone's no longer interested or can't make it, just drop an update in this thread.
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depending on when it is, sure


(06-08-2017, 01:08 PM)Pte. W. Wallis Wrote: depending on when it is, sure

Updated the post, I planned to start at 7:30 BST.
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im up for it.
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interested, would like to try as Zeus


Also interested.
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Showing Interest


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Post for visibility, since there's still a good number of slots left!
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I'm good for a shot at it.
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