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Machinima style videos


Hello there me and people of average guys came with idea that we can create some sort of story videos from arma that is similiar to Machinima style videos. If anyone of you would be interested to be a part of it I would be very glad. You can join us by any means.
What we don´t know yet is where that story will be based so If you have any ideas you can write it under this thread of come to see me at the teamspeak.


When I first got into ArmA (a few months back) I had a similar idea, got some missions made, worked on some scripting, built the first set of missions, but it never ended up going anywhere, below is link to a doc showing a rough idea as to how the story progressed to the end of the first series, but as the first series never happened I couldnt find time to do anything further, feel free to grab any inspiration from the doc.

Story Missions

I even set up a dedicated Discord Server to share ideas and hold informationand links on - But again could only get 1 guy involved and he is now building Malden Life stuff - More info found in the discord channels

Story Mission - Discord

Interested to see how you get on, best of luck.
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Used to make halo machinimas back in the day, if you need any advice im here Smile
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#4 Anyone who is interested join this discord please we can communicate more here. Do you think that zombie style videos are out of interest?

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