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ATTENTION: Gemmelian Vs Hartman

(This post was last modified: 12-10-2017, 10:09 AM by A. Hartman. Edit Reason: forgot time )

A battle to the death has been Created by @"pte. d. gemmell" and @"pte. a. hartman". the battle will commence this friday 13/10/17 on server 2 at 19:00GMT . We are looking for anyone and everyone to see who is the best shooter in a PvP styled shootout in 3 disiplines:

FIBUA - Hostage Rescue 3 rounds 
FIWAFA - 3 Rounds
A Head to Head sharpshooter shootout with the L129A1.

If you would like to take part in the event drop you name down below and comment on the team you betting on [no real bets involved]

Comment with the template:
type of attendance: Spectator/Competator
Team: #TeamGemmell or #TeamHartman

Please note this is just for good sport and fun, section battles are welcome but as a friendly competion and no ego suckers...

Do you have what it takes?
Operation SCORPION
Operation BULLDOG
Operation COMET
Operation CRUSADER
2 Years Service Medal


yaas ill be there to see gremlin getting tanked


If Gemmell loses he will be discharged from 3-1. Platoons who need members can have him.


i call dibs on his stop

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