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Space Engineer Sundays


Alright Lads.

Anyone who owns space engineers or has been thinking of getting it for a while, its now in a pretty decent stable state for playing.

I was thinking of suggesting a Sunday only Space Engineers sessions.
  • Player Vs Player. (alliance vs Alliance)
  • Only Sunday Timed sessions (to avoid one team getting to far ahead of the other) 
  • To win you can either destroy your enemies or combine with them to take on other enemies.
Just basic Idea of a game rule. Anyone who plays and fancies expanding on the rules go for it.

Mods open to discussion



Yes! Finally some people to play space engineers with!! Big Grin


Have the game, don't play but would be interested
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Certainly down for this. I would love to redesign my click and drive fleet again.


Okay Lads Going to need a few numbers for SE Sundays, before I go buying a server.

Also could use suggestions for practical mods (no stupid ones)

Game Objective:

Starting in a landing craft you must make your way to earth. Once landed you may start Forming teams. The Main objective is to take over the planet by negotiation or force. The first session will be a grace session to allow teams to get a basic setup, After that session its free reign.

  • Armed Ships MUST have an Armed Warhead [Not deployable] within the ship, This avoids dogfights lasting stupid amounts of time.
  • Cargo, Transport and ANY large ships must also carry Armed Warheads.
  • Private Meeting and Trading is allowed as long as all communication is in game.
  • Declaring war can be done at any time.
  • Automated Armed wheeled vehicles are not allowed 
  • Automated Armed Air vehicles are allowed
  • Any blueprints for ships must be made in game and refined in game (i trust you guys to be honest with this)

If anyone can give me a few rules to add and or some mods they would like to see.


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