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SOP Changelog

(This post was last modified: 31-07-2019, 01:42 PM by Capt. A. Yates. Edited 1 time in total.)

*    2019-07-31    Updated SOP 2.5 and wording.

*    2019-06-20    Spelling and format updated on Section 3.

*    2019-05-22    Maj 16 - Leaks added.

*    2019-05-18    2-10 updated to correct wording within AGAI 67.

*    2019-05-09    Mi 11/12 added. Updated template.

*    2019-05-03    "Reports to be posted 24 hours for all. SOP only listed for overall. Not clear.
Mi 10. Failure to complete administrative duties within a timely manner added."

*    2019-04-25    Updated AGAI 67 in reference to Late, now classed as AWOL due to attempted loop holing. SOP 4 changed to include Wednesday as Mandatory.

*    2019-04-25    2-9 Updated to include Mi 5.

*    2019-04-21    "Deleted JHC SOP
Pushed all SOP updates as approved by Company HQ
AGAI 67 Document updated."

*    2018-06-10    ALL JHC SOPs added to website

*    2018-06-09    "- JHC SOPS are being added to the forums. So Far the following have been added:

Section 1
Section 2
Section 3

*    2018-05-26    "Update to SOP Para 2.9 to give a true reflection of Discharge procedure, and make it fairer.
Added SOP 2.11 as follows: Members who are discharged, who have not taken part in at least 1 full Operation will not be given the status of Honourable Discharge, instead they will be placed into Registered Member group, and there P File will reflex that they were discharged for AWOL, Etc."

*    2018-02-07    "Updated Multiple SOP's
Added 4IB AGAI 67 & 4IB Manual of Service Law"

*    2018-01-27    Updated the JSP 398 - Rules of Engagement - CARD ALPHA

*    2017-12-03  1-3: Addition It is now mandatory for recruits to write on P1A/P1B thread if they can attend or not. If not done for 3 times, they will be marked as inactive and discharged from the unit for this reason.

JHC: Changes been added as part of 1-3, SOP for JHC recruits

after completing the P1 the new privates are required  2 months minimum service within the infantry before able to transfer to another detachment (exception is JHC). Alse added extra info for these procedures and some additional info.

2-3B: Reserves has been reformed and clarified, overhauled. more info about required attendance please refer to the SOP itself

2-3C: E-LOA status reformed and clarified. More info please refer to the SOP itself

2-3D: Discharge, reformed and re-explained. Discharge did not see a lot of changes. The status of Retirement has been changed. Retirement is earned on time and merits within the unit and will be reviewed by G5, same will happen when a person comes back.

3-1: Reworded the entirety of 3-1

4-1: removed a “-”

4-2: clarified the section trainings a bit more. (Section training reports implemented)

4-3: minor addition and changes in wording, regarding non mandatory training.(advertising for non mandatory trainings can be done beforehand on the forums, and a training report will have to be made)

4-4: Reports for trainings clarified and reworded some things.

4-8: Home rotation has now content and an explanation of what it is in the SOP’s and contains what is expected of you as a member.

4-9: LOA terms and procedures changed, the maximum time a person can now post an LOA for is 21 days. Anything longer will now constitute as an E-LOA. Unless the person post a transfer to reserves, but automatically after/more then 21 days it will be E-LOA.

4-10: Phase 2 in the SOP was previously empty, this has now been solved and content was added to it.

5: Section 5.6 was added to server and TS policy

5.6: 5.6 was created and added. It’s in regards to sections channels and what rules there are.

“Section Channels are open for anyone to join. Yet the IC and 2IC keep the rights to request someone to leave their specific section channel section. The person should then without discussion remove himself from the channel until cleared back in by the IC or 2IC.”

6.2: Last section about the chain of command and the procedure has been clarified so people know what to do if they need to pass something up.

6.3: Small changes with wording

6.4: Changes made, clarified what a member can do in case the chain of command might forget/not work in a certain case. If after 7 days you did not get a response you have the right to go up the chain of command by 1 rank and explain your issue/complain then. Of course friendly reminder that people can honestly forget something so just make you IC/2IC pr whoever it is aware. Mistakes can happen. Of course if they don’t listen or help then you can proceed with this.

7.1/2/3: The reprimand procedure has been overhauled and changes were made.

7.1 reformatted for ease of reading, example document added with grades of offences.
7.2 added in reprimands as well as changing the punishment and durations of them
7.3 same changed the reprimands and time durations.

8. Kits are still under review and will be changed, we opted for adding forbidden gear but kits should be handed out in the Sections and all NCO’s have access to the document that was published last meeting. (This might be completely removed altogether)

8.6: created 8.6. Prohibited gear (subject to change)

9. Promotions has been overhauled for the majority, recommend reading through it on the SOP itself. Changes are made on how it works. Recommendations will be handled differently and JNCO itself and the selection procedure will be from a pool of recommended individuals that were accepted, more to follow.
Also every promotions from Sgt. and above will be reviewed and investigated by G5 if a person is fit.
Recommendations and Promotions for LCP/CPL will now be done with the IC and PLT HQ.
Ranks were overhauled as well
For the details please refer to the SOP’s themself.

9.2: Overhauled
9.3: Overhauled
9.4: Overhauled
9.5: Overhauled
9.6: Overhauled"

*    2017-10-06    "Updated, 8.2, specified Virtus in correspondance with thread in NCO's Mess.
Updated, 8.2, specified Virtus in correspondance with G5 Meeting."

*    2017-06-22    Updated, 8.2, specified Virtus Medical Daysack in correspondance with G5 Meeting.

*    2017-06-11    "Updated, 8.2, specified Virtus in correspondance with thread in NCO's Mess.
Updated, 8.2, specified Virtus in correspondance with G5 Meeting."

*    2017-05-22    Updated, Section 8.2, added Virtus.

*    2017-05-19    "Updated, information for applying to the unit.
Added, Rules for Teamspeak, 5.4."

*    2017-04-25    Updated 2-3d to Urgent Operational Requirements (UOR). Created 2-3e, Discharge Request.

*    2017-04-15    KITE Night Vision Sight, one per section to be handed out by the Section IC. Helmet camera (IC and 2iC only)

*    2017-04-15    "8.3 - Prohibitied equipment
Updated, MicroDAGR GPS."

*    2017-03-13    Overhauled entirety of Section 8, Equipment and Prohibited Equipment, removed a lot of useless information. General formatting, making sure fonts are all the same size, and adding spacers where needed.Editted Section 9.2, Recommendations, with better wording.Editted Section 9.6, Corporal, acting up. (Thank you Lenders)Editted Section 9.6, Corporal and Sergeant, substantial promotion.

*    2017-02-05    "2.3f Discharge Request
Added information on the 3 day ""cool down"" period.
Added information requesting immediate discharge."



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