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Section 01: Soldier under Training Policy

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Section 1: Soldier under Training Policy

1-1.  Overview
1-2.  Application Process
1-3.  Phase 1 Training

1-1. Overview

All Soldiers under Training (SuT.) follow a highly structured training program to become members of 4IB. Following successful application, all SuTs will be transferred to our Training Centre. The purpose of this Training Centre is to ensure all new applicants to the unit have the basic knowledge and skills necessary to become members of 4IB.

Our Phase 1 training program ensures that members are able to perform to the basic standards expected in 4IB. Upon successful completion of the Phase 1 training program, the applicant is then enabled to join the infantry or No. 903 Expeditionary Air Wing.

SuTs are welcome to attend any official operation night with their assigned company or flight prior to completing Phase 1 training. SuTs will be processed by J1 and assigned by Battlegroup HQ (BGHQ), following a successful application. This process allows new applicants the opportunity to experience that area of the unit, meet their prospective Chain of Command (CoC) and see if it is what they wish to pursue in the unit. Additionally, SuTs can fill in on their off-nights if fill-ins are requested via the official discord channel.

Phase 1 must be completed within 14 Days of the applicant being successful in their application. Failure to complete the Phase 1 Training Program within the allotted time frame will result in the member being removed from the 4IB and returned to “registered” status on the website. The member can reapply at any time.

The minimum age for joining 4IB is 17; exceptions to this can be made if the applicant is found to be mature by the J1 Recruitment Team, at which point an exception can be made for individuals who are 16 years old. Applicants that are of 16 years of age will be reviewed by J1 Staff and J7 Training Staff whilst joining the unit and may be separated at any time in the joining process, if found to be a poor fit for the 4IB. Additionally, all applicants found to be providing a false date of birth will be removed from the unit immediately.

1-2.  Application Process

Any individual interested in becoming a member of 4IB must submit an application via our forums. This can be done using the “Join Us” button on the Navigation Bar at the top of this webpage. After your application has been completed correctly and submitted, the following will occur:
  • The application will be reviewed by J1 Staff (Personnel and Manpower) within 24 Hours.
  • If the application is accepted the applicant is invited to attend an interview at a agreed upon time, the applicant will connect to the 4IB TeamSpeak under the name listed in the applicant’s application and move to the “Looking for a Recruiter!” channel.
  • If the application is rejected, a reason as to why the application has been rejected will be listed within the application thread on the forums.
  • A formal interview will last between 10-30 Minutes. This time frame allows the applicant to learn more about 4IB, and for us to find out more about the applicant.
  • If the applicant’s interview is successful, the applicant will then be assigned as a ‘Soldier under Training’ in the Training Centre, given tags with extended TeamSpeak access and additional access to the 4IB forums, as well as assigned relevant tags within the 4IB Discord; allowing them to see additional channels.

1-3.  Phase 1 Training

The Phase 1 Training Program is hosted on Server 2 every Tuesday at 1900 GMT and lasts approximately 3 hours. New members sign up for Phase 1 on the forums as directed by the J1 Recruitment Team. It is the SuT’s responsibility to notify a Phase 1 Instructor if they cannot make the scheduled date/time for Phase 1 Training within 1 Hour of the course commencing on the appropriate Phase 1 sign up thread. The SuT must then arrange or sign up to the next Phase 1.

J7 Training Staff can arrange a Phase 1 on a separate day for those who are unable to attend on Tuesday, however, this is at the discretion of the Phase 1 Lead Instructor.

It is mandatory for SuTs to reply to all respective training threads for their respective Phase 1 Training Program, where they must give notification whether they intend on attending or not (Minimum 1-Hour Notice). Failing to do this 2 times will result in a discharge whether the 14-day period has passed or not.

New members will be assigned and introduced to their prospective section/squadron prior to completing Phase 1 in order to support them through joining the unit. This is administered by J1 Staff and BGHQ and is not a guaranteed placement, however, will allow the member to attend events with individuals they know prior to their completion of Phase 1.

Upon a Soldier under Training successfully completing Phase 1, the SuT will be promoted to the rank of Private (Pte) or Air Specialist (Class 2) (AS2) and transferred to a section or squadron.

The SuT’s choice of where they wish to be assigned will be taken into consideration, however the individual will be placed into a Section or Squadron listed under Urgent Operational Requirement (UOR) at the discretion of BGHQ as referenced in Section 2-8.

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