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Section 01: Recruits Policy

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Section 1: Recruits Policy

1-1. Overview
1-2. Application Process
1-3. Phase 1 Training

1-1. Overview

New recruits follow a structured training program to become members of the 4th Infantry Brigade. Upon successful application, Recruits will enter our Infantry Training Centre and will complete Phase 1 to gain the basic knowledge and skills necessary to become a member of 4IB, irrespective of which role you are applying for. The training program ensures that new recruits are able to perform to a standard whereby they will be able to be assigned to a section and shall not require any immediate revision of basic principles.

New Recruits will be broken down as follows:

Over 17’s - Allowed to join 2 Yorks, Support Detachment or JHC

15-17 Year olds - Will join as a Junior Leader within the Infantry or Support Detachments, they are NOT allowed to apply for any JHC role.

If someone joins within 30 days of their 17th birthday they will join as an Over 17, anyone joining under this limit will be processed as a Junior Leader.

1-2. Application Process

New recruits must submit an application to the unit via our forums. This can be done using the “Join Us” button on the Navigation Bar at the top of this webpage. After your application has been correctly completed and submitted, the following will occur:

  • Application received by the G1 Office (Personnel and Manpower)
  • Application reviewed within 24 hours.
  • If accepted and invited to attend an interview OR rejected, with the reason listed.
  • If accepted and invited to attend an interview, connect under the name listed in your application and move to the “Looking For A Recruiter” channel.
  • The interview will last between 10-30 minutes. This allows you to learn more about the Unit, and for us to find out more about you.
  • You will then be assigned as a ‘Recruit’ in the Infantry Training Centre, given tags and extended TeamSpeak access. 

1-3. Phase 1 Training


Phase 1 Training consist of 1 part.

Upon successful completion of Phase 1, you will become a ‘Private’ within the 4th Infantry Brigade and assigned to an infantry section.

As mentioned above, the training is designed to ensure that new recruits are able to perform to a standard whereby they will be assigned to a section and immediately be of use to that section and shall not require any re-teaching of basic principles. As such, the initial training program within the 4th Infantry Brigade may be more in depth and rigorous than you may find elsewhere, but we have found this process improves the experience for new and current members dramatically.

Your Phase 1 must occur within 14 days of your application; otherwise you will be discharged as ‘Inactive’.

The completion of Phase 1 Training is required to attend ALL official Operations, Home Rotation & Patrol night's.

It is mandatory for recruits to reply to the respective training thread for their Phase 1, where they shall give notification whether they are attending or not. Failing to do this 2 times will result in a discharge as ‘Inactive’.

Joint Helicopter Command

Training to join the Joint Helicopter Command consists of completing the Infantry P1 course and Defence Technical Training. After which, Recruits will be passed out as ‘ Leading Aircraftman’.

Leading Aircraftman will then be assigned an airframe and be able to proceed to their Pilot Training.

All applicants will complete a full P1 course prior to attending the Defence Technical Training. Both courses must occur within 21 days of your application; otherwise you will be discharged as ‘Inactive’.

The completion of Defence Technical Training is required to attend ALL official Operations, however it is not required in order to attend Home Rotation, Patrols or Unofficial Game Nights.
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