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Section 02: Assignments and Transfers

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Section 2: Leave of Absence, Assignments and Transfers

2-1. Overview
2-2. Initial Assignment
2-3. Transfers
2-4. Transfer of Role
2-5. Transfer to Reserves
2-6. Transfer to/from Joint Helicopter Command (JHC)
2-7. Submission of Extended Leave of Absence (ELOA)
2-8. Urgent Operational Requirement (UOR)
2-9. Discharge Request
2-10. LOA Procedures
2-11. Company HQ Discharge and Transfers (Not 4th IB Material)
2-12. Holding Section

2-1. Overview

In the 4th Infantry Brigade, all members are assigned to our ORBAT in specified positions that define their responsibilities and their Chain of Command (CoC). Some positions that are held also dictate which ranks may be assigned to that position and how those members may be promoted within our Promotion Structure.

2-2. Initial Assignment

After successful completion of Phase 1 Training and/or Defense Technical Training, all members are assigned to a position within the 4th Infantry Brigade and it’s supporting elements.

This assignment will in most cases be done to best accommodate the new members time constraints. However, all assignments shall be made with Operational Capabilities in mind, meaning that new members preference may not be met.

2-3. Transfers

Transfers can be requested by any member for several reasons, these include:
  • Transfer of Role.
  • Transfer to Reserves.
  • Transfers to/from Joint Helicopter Command (JHC).
  • Submission of Extended Leave of Absence (ELOA).
  • Discharge Request.
All transfers are administered by J1.

2-4. Transfers of Role

Transfers are made on a case-by-case basis and are not guaranteed. Within 4IB, transfers are any position moves requested by the member to a position, including E-LOA and reserves.

All members must serve a minimum of 60 days within their assigned positions within the ORBAT unless authorised to transfer by their relevant Plt HQ, Squadron commander and then approved by Company HQ. They may then request a transfer if agreed by their current and prospective CoC. This is not required for transfers for detachments under Urgent Operational Requirements as outlined in Section 2-8. 

Command Staff and J1 maintain the right to reject any transfer in the interests of Operational Effectiveness, for issues of discipline or for attendance issues.

Please reference the Order of Battle (ORBAT) for more information on what roles are currently open to a transfer. These will be indicated by the word ‘EMPTY’ in a vacant position. If there are not vacant positions within the ORBAT section, the section is full and cannot be transferred into without OC permission.

It is important to remember that we're all here to have fun; we will try and facilitate everyone’s wishes, however, it is not always possible.

2-5. Transfers to Reserves

Any member of the 4th Infantry Brigade who can no longer meet the agreed attendance requirement for their detachment set by Coy HQ. have the option to transfer to Army Reserve Centre 1 (ARC 1). 4th Battalion, The Yorkshire Regiment. You must inform your Chain of Command (CoC) before posting a transfer to Army Reserve Center 1 (ARC1) as outlined in Section 2-4, this is also subject to the 60-day rule. The 60 day requirement is not waivable in regards to transfers to reserves.

Within the reserves, you are not required to meet the 50% and above attendance requirements required for active members and can fill in for people that are on Leave of Absence (LOA) on any given Operation Night.

However, as a reservist, you are expected to attend the number of operational events as set out by Coy HQ as a requirement.. If you go one month without attending the requirement, you will receive a message from J1/Company HQ to explain the missed attendance. If no response after 5 days of the message being sent, the reservist is discharged. Repeat violation of the attendance requirement will result in discharge also.

Reservists will keep their substantive rank but will lose all Acting Rank, yet there is no guarantee they can return in the previous rank or Section when returning from reserves as outlined in Section 2-4.

As a reservist, you are required to mark your attendance within the forums to show that you have attended. This is called the Attendance Register and is monitored by Company HQ/J1.

2-6. Transfers to/from Joint Helicopter Command (JHC)

Any member transferring to the Army Air Corp (AAC) or the Royal Air Force (RAF) from within Joint Helicopter Command (JHC), as a pilot must complete the following courses before any transfer to be completed.
  • Squadron Specific Training.
They will then transfer across at the appropriate rank within the Army Air Corps (AAC) or Royal Air Force (RAF) as listed below. Any ranks within Air Command or Joint Helicopter Command (JHC) and the 4th Infantry Brigade that have the potential to be equal or greater than that of the Officer Commanding are limited to one below that of the Officer Commanding’s rank to help define a clear Chain of Command (CoC) for all members.

[Image: vXTfIlN.png]

Any members transferring to the Army Air Corp (AAC)/Royal Air Force (RAF), within Joint Helicopter Command (JHC), as Ground Crew must have an interview conducted by the relevant squadron commander before any transfer to be completed.

Members who are transferring into, within and from Joint Helicopter Command (JHC) must meet the rank requirement as outlined in Section 9-7 and will be placed based on Operational Requirements as outlined in Section 2-2.

2-7. Submission of Extended Leave of Absence (ELOA)

Any member of the 4th Infantry Brigade who cannot attend for over 21 days minimum must notify their Chain of Command (CoC) before submitting a transfer to ELOA as outlined in Section 2-4. Estimated return date must be provided with an explanation as to why they require ELOA. 

ELOA will keep their Substantive rank, and lose any acting rank they hold. There is no guarantee that a returning member will return to the same rank that they held prior to moving to ELOA.. The rank and assignment will be dealt with by Company HQ as per section 2-4.

2-8. Urgent Operational Requirements (UOR)

Urgent Operational Requirements is when Company HQ need to fill in critical positions within the ORBAT to fulfil Operational Requirements.

When Urgent Operational Requirements is declared for transfers, the following points shall be followed:
  • A transfer can be approved for immediate processing by Company HQ.
  • A transfer can be approved for immediate processing if all involved parties approve.
  • Role requirements are negated 
  • 60 wait period between transfers is waivered

2-9. Discharge Request

If a member is requesting a discharge from the 4th Infantry Brigade, a three day "cool down" period will be placed on the discharge, allowing time for any change of circumstances. This cool down can be opted out of if desired.

If the member holds the rank of Corporal, equivalent or above, they are required to notify their Chain of Command (CoC) and then are required to have a formal interview with the Company HQ before submitting a Discharge Request as outlined in Section 2-4. This is due to the nature of the position of responsibility that they hold within the 4th Infantry Brigade. Failure to do so will result in disciplinary proceedings as outlined in Section 7-2 AGAI 67 Mi 5.

If the Officer Commanding wishes to discharge, they are requested to notify the existing Company HQ of their intentions so that suitable replacements can be arranged.

If a member wishes to discharge immediately then this option is available but this will negatively affect the unit as a whole however if the member wishes to return their application will be subject to extensive review by Company HQ.

If requesting a discharge from the 4th Infantry Brigade, you must ask exactly that. You cannot request Retirement. Retirement member status will be granted by Company HQ and will be judged case by case.

Registered Member
  • If any member who has not completed one full operation and has not been awarded an Operation Campaign ribbon, then upon their discharge, will be assigned as a Registered Member.
Honourable Discharge
  • If any member has been awarded at least one Operation Campaign ribbon and conducted themselves well within the 4th Infantry Brigade will be given an Honourable Discharge upon request.
Dishonourable Discharge
  • If any member commits Gross Misconduct as outlined in Section 7-2 AGAI 67 Gr 1-10. will receive a Dishonourable Discharge and in extreme cases, banned from the forums. Dishonourably discharged members lose all qualifications, battle honours and ribbons upon discharge. 
  • Retirement is a privilege bestowed to members who have accrued 365 days of active time in service during one period of enlistment, accrued 2 campaign ribbons and discharges under good terms from 4IB. This shall be issued to members who meet the above requirements upon discharge unless there is a disciplinary action current or recent against the member or Unit HQ specifically decline to award the privilege. Members will not retain rank upon retirement but will be awarded limited privileges on TS, discord and the forums.
All personnel who discharge from the unit will retain battle honours and unit support ribbons against their account unless dishonourably discharged from the unit.

2-10. Leave Of Absence (LOA) Procedures

A leave of absence is required from all members of the 4th Infantry Brigade where they have prior knowledge that they will not be able to attend a mandatory event. Each Section/Detachment has its area of the forums for Leave of Absences to be posted and the required format.

All LOA’s must be notified via the forums no later than 3 hours before the current start time of 1900 GMT.

When a member fails to submit an LOA for a mandatory event the following actions are to be taken:

1st AWOL offence:
  • Update file with an Absent (Red) marker on their attendance record.
  • The Section/Squadron Commander sends a minor (Mi 7.) warning via PM within 48 hours on the forum. The J1 discipline admin is CC’d into the message for administrative purposes. This warning will stay on that member's Personal File (P-File) for 30 days. The Company Sergeant Major (CSM), Platoon Sergeant and the Section/Squadron 2IC are also to be CC’d into a message.
2nd AWOL offence within 30 days of the 1st Offence:
  • Update file with an Absent (Red) marker on their attendance record.
  • The Platoon Sergeant/Squadron Commander sends a major warning (Maj 1.) via PM within 48 hours on the forum. The J1 disciplinary admin is CC’d into the message for administrative purposes. This warning will stay on that member's File (P-File) for 90 days. The Company Sergeant Major (CSM) and the Section/Squadron IC and 2IC are also to be CC’d into a message.
  • Member may be discharged, if a request is not received to be transferred into either Reserves or E-LOA. This discharge can be processed at the Platoon/Squadron Commanders’ discretion.
A leave of absence is not a request, it is the member telling us that they are not going to be in attendance. At the 4th Infantry Brigade we understand that sometimes, people might not feel like playing one evening and submitting a Leave of Absence post, stating this is more than acceptable. However, should we find that members are posting Leave of Absences and stating that they are "going out for a family dinner" but are seen to be playing other games then that members honesty and integrity will be questioned and that could result in disciplinary action as outlined in Section 7-2, AGAI 67 Gr 10.

Leave of Absences must also be posted to notify Command Staff of expected late attendance. Please estimate where possible the expected time of arrival.

Leave of Absences can be posted for up to 21 days. Anything more than 21 days will constitute an Extended Leave of Absence as outlined in Section 2-7. Upon the member's return, we will try to place you back in the same role that you left, however, this cannot always be guaranteed as outlined in Section 2-4.

Unforeseen Leave Of Absences can be posted after this period, or after the event to inform the Chain of Command (CoC) the reason for the delayed or lack of a Leave Of Absence. The Platoon HQ reserve the right to act out Section 7-2 AGAI 67 Mi 7. if the reasoning is not just.

2-11 Company HQ Discharge and Transfers

Company HQ can at any time review any member and decide if that member is meeting or is likely to meet all SOP or AGAI requirements. If the member is not likely to meet the SOP or AGAI requirements, Company HQ can then process a discharge for that member under Section 2-11 in accordance of Section 7-2 AGAI 67.

This is to stop further offences being committed and is within the best interest of the unit.

2-12 Holding Section

Applicants who have completed the application process and returning members coming from ELOA or reserves may be transferred into the Holding Section until an appropriate opening can be found. Whilst in the Holding Section, applicants will be attached to one of the detachments that the applicant has shown interest and given a trial period and if needed, will be assigned a task such as attending a course to show a willingness to their interest.

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