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Section 04: Training and Operations

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Section 4: Training and Operations

4-1. Overview
4-2. Scheduled Section/Detachment Training
4-3. Non-Mandatory Training
4-4. Training Reports
4-5. Official Operations
4-6. Patrol Reports
4-7. Home Rotations
4-8. Phase 3 Trainings

4-1. Overview

The 4th Infantry Brigade and its members are dedicated to making the 4th Infantry Brigade the most professional, yet fun, ArmA 3 MilSim environment. To that end, we run regular training that members are able to, or are expected to attend. Section 4 outlines to all members their requirements when it comes to Training and Operations with the 4th Infantry Brigade. All reports must be posted within 24 hours of the event otherwise failure to do so will result in disciplinary proceedings as outlined in Section 7-2 AGAI 67 Mi 10.

4-2. Scheduled Section/Detachment Training

All Scheduled Section/Detachment Training/Patrol are required to produce a Training/Patrol Report. If it was a Platoon training/patrol then this report will be produced by Platoon HQ however, if it was a section level training/patrol then the respective Section Commander will write the report. If the Section Commander is not available, the responsibility falls to the next senior member available.

4-3. Non-Mandatory Training

Any section, Platoon or Detachment may conduct non-mandatory training at any time. This training falls outside of the scheduled weekly training or operation nights during Home Rotation. It can consist of any amount of members of a section, platoon or detachment gathering in TeamSpeak, on ITC so long as it can be shown that the activity benefits training and development of those involved in this event.

A public server such as Day-Z, Antistasi, King of the Hill as an example does not count as section training.

All non-mandatory training conducted must be accompanied by a training report and must be written and posted no later than 24 hours after the event.

4-4. Training Reports

All Section/Detachment Level training that is conducted, whether mid-week, during Home Rotation or non-mandatory, requires the completion and submission of a Training Report as outlined below to the appropriate SNCO/Officer in Command (OC).

Platoon Level training that is conducted during Home Rotation or during mid-week also requires a Training Report to be sent to members of Company HQ.

A template can be found within the Training Reports forum by making a new post.

All training reports must be signed off by Platoon HQ and bring forward anything currently lacking or does not meet the standard of a written report. This then completes a training/patrol report.

4-5. Official Operations

Official Operations conducted by the 4th Infantry Brigade are mandatory events for all members. Anyone who is unable to attend must post an LOA prior to the event as outlined in Section 2-10.

At present, all Official Operations for 2nd Battalion, The Yorkshire Regiment, Alma Company and Detachments will be held on Wednesdays and Saturdays and Sundays at 1900 hours GMT.

It is expected that all members will be on TeamSpeak in their appropriate channels between 15-30 minutes prior to the commencement of Official Operations. Any member who connects after 1930 hours GMT will be marked as “Late” on their attendance record.

Minimum time required to be marked as “Present” is more than 90 minutes from 1930 hours GMT.

4-6. Patrol Reports

Similar to training, all Patrol Operations conducted are official and must generate a Patrol Report. This will be the responsibility of the most senior ranking member of the Patrol. Due to the fact that Patrols are carried out on the live Operations Mission, it is very important that any intelligence gathered be relayed to Command Staff. Patrols reports must be posted in the designated forums for the current Operation.

A template can be found within the Patrol Reports forum by making a new post.

All patrol reports require an SNCO or an Officer to sign the completed patrol report and bring forward anything currently lacking or does not meet the standard of a written report.

4-7. Home Rotation and Mission Specific Training

Home Rotation (HR) and Mission Specific Training (MST) periods are conducted after the end of a deployment. It consists of multiple weeks of preparation for the coming deployment where the infantry are drilled on topics needed for future deployments or slipping standards noticed on the previous deployment.

Within Home Rotation, the Operations evening is replaced with a Section, Platoon or Company-wide training session. These training sessions are mandatory for every member within the 4th Infantry Brigade. As such anyone who is unable to attend must post an LOA prior to the event as outlined in Section 2-10.

4-8. Phase 2 and Phase 3 Training

The 4th Infantry Brigade provides multiple opportunities for members to learn a new skill/trade some of which are useful outside the MilSim environment.

Phase 2 training focuses on Section related skills and trades such as both the Team Medic and Basic Searchers course. Phase 2 training assists by allowing members to experience new and exciting roles within their respective Section and potentially spark an interest in joining a Detachment that specializes in that role such as 3 Medical.

Phase 3 training focuses on specialist related skills and trades such as the Advanced Medical course. Phase 3 training assists by allowing members to experience new and exciting roles within their respective Detachments and brings all members to the same level of standard the 4th Infantry Brigade expects.

The Platoon Commander/Company HQ reserves the right to revoke any Phase 2 or Phase 3 qualification from any member of the 4th Infantry Brigade if he/she deems that the member is not trained sufficiently or lacking the knowledge to efficiently carry out their trade or specialization.

All courses have limited slots and are generally reserved for those who are required to attend by their Platoon HQ. Signing up to a course does not guarantee a slot on the course.

If any member cannot attend a course that they have signed up for, they must post on the same forum a removal request from the course similar in manner to an LOA which is outlined in Section 2-10 an hour before the training to allow J7 to organise an appropriate replacement. Failure to do so will result in the member receiving a minor warning as outlined in Section 7-2, AGAI 67 Mi. 11.

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The 4th Infantry Brigade is the biggest British unit to Arma 3. Our infantry represent 2nd Battalion, The Yorkshire Regiment. A Light Role infantry which is one of the British Armys adaptable battalions. We are equipped with Foxhound Protected Patrol Vehicles allowing us to travel quickly across any terrain, closing with and engaging the enemy.